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Hi All, Im looking for your thoughts opinions on network messaging alerts for disruptions etc i.e. We have a unix system that interfaces with a windows client and usually once a week when someone stuffs up we need to do a restore which involves getting everybody out of the system who is in "maintenance". Generally about 15-20 people - these people all work in different offices / places / spaces..... So what I need is an instant messaging type system similar to "net send" to have a popup preferably with a yes/no option that will popup infront of the users either locking their workstation until they press a series of keystrokes (i.e. alt -ctrl - del) Currently we're using email with read alerts to notify the person doing the restore but the trouble is they are busy and most times people dont stop to read their email just because 1 is new. Currently using net send and set the messenger service to start automatically in the login script by using: sc config messenger start= auto net start messenger Which seems all well and good but then we have to have a batch file for the person doing the restore that needs to be modified all the time.... i.e. net send user1 todaysmessage net send user2 todaysmessage net send user3 todaysmessage net send user4 todaysmessage net send user5 todaysmessage etc replace all "todaysmessage" with "tommorowsmessage" is ok....but still a hassle and net send doesnt always work.... Or even your thoughts on alternative messaging systems other than outlook or alternatives to outlook when email is down? ie. Your information store crashes people probably have phone directory of some description to find each other but what about other systems to notify your users... In the past I've just used net send /domain:domain Email Offline - Until Further Notice MSN? Winchat? Any thoughts ideas opinions are all welcomed :-)

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This sounds like the perfect candidate for a home-grown PERL script – Where you can specify any number of variables, and based on the resulting value, notify the different groups that you choose.

For example, let’s assume that you know the name of the server which failed. Given a limited population, you can write something like:


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  • Bobkberg
    Sorry about the cutoff - I didn't mean to send an incomplete reply - but couldn't find my relevant PERL scripts at the time for a syntax example. Anyway - This still looks like a job for PERL - or some other flexible scripting language. The basic idea is to have the server names in one list, then a client name list for each server - so that when server-A goes down, the script opens the server-A client list and notifies each member in turn. Hope that points you in the right direction. Bob
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