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Hi There As an ABSOLUTE beginner to administering Exchange, this may sound dumb. I have had emails from 3 different legitimate external organisations that have been sent hours before being received and processed by our server. I know we are all at the mercy of the www. I have ~20 users, and are these delays to be expected, and can I pin down if the external organisations have been refused a connection by our server. TIA

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You say the messages were delayed on receipt by your organisation, I am assuming you are using Outlook as the mail client in which case highlight one of the delayed messages and right click the message from the options chose Options (message options)this will bring up a box titled message options, at the bottom is a section titled Internet Headers, this will list all clients and messaging servers the message has passed through on route to the recipient.

It also time stamps each stage so you should be able to see if the message was delayed prior to arriving at your system, you may need to account for timezones but all times will have +/- hours from GMT i.e. 08:00 +0100 meaning 08:00 one hour ahead of GMT.

Check that first to see if it provides any leads.

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  • Airbornz
    Thanks for that zomike I had already thought of it, but it didn't show anything other than the originating clients composing the message and submitting to their local server, and our server recieving and processing it several hours later. One of the senders did get a delay message on their local system stating "connection refused" from our server. The IP address of our server was correct. I have tried an online mail verification and get more connection refused responses than successes. Can I log those refusals and see what the issue is? Thanks
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  • Technochic
    We had a similar issue on our incoming mail for only specific external senders. You say you are a newby to exchange administration but did not say whether you are taking over an existing exchange system, or a new one you just set up? For us the problem appeared to reside with Symantec SMTP Gateway we had on our incoming gateway server. That software was a few years old, and we had not upgraded it. The SMTP it used was it's own, not the native IIS. We recently upgraded that server to server 2003 and are now using the IIS SMTP native to server 2003 to route mail into the organization. Now that Symantec software is out of the picture, everything is running smoothly. Are you using third party software to route your mail inbound? If so, does it use IIS native to server 2003? Some do, some don't. Some use their own and are not as good as those that use the native IIS. Many who are managing their own SPAM filters rely on third-party software to accomplish this. We have a third-party vendor managing our SPAM and doing a fabulous job, therefore we are only using IIS SMTP to route our inbound mail.
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