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I have a program written in free format RPGLE that is executed as a called procedure from within a CLLE program. It has one parameter of char(1). When this program gets exectued I'm getting the RNX0105 error message which states "A character representation of a numeric value is in error." before a single line of code has been executed. Does anyone have any experience of this occurring and help in resolving this. Regards, JonathanG

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Since I don’t know what the code in the RPGLE looks like, I can only guess. You say the error occurs before a line of code gets executed. If this is the case I would look at your D-specs to see if you are loading a data structure especially one using the program feedback area (SDS) or the local data area (*LDA). If you are defining a numeric subfield within a data structure and the system is trying to initialize it with character data this could be a cause. Use the INZ keyword on data structure definitions to initialize subfields at startup to the correct default values for the field type.

Do you have an *INZSR subroutine that is trying to initalize variables in your proram at startup? Check this as well.

Hope this helps.

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  • CindyB
    If you are not using a PLIST because you are doing /Free, did you remember to do a PI with the field for your parameter into the procedure? If you have the PI with a declare for the character field or you have a PLIST with the parameter for the character field, then the problem is in your procedure itself, not in the way you are passing the parameter.
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  • TomLiotta
    Please show the prototype for the RPG procedure. There's no way to give good advice without some useful info. A char(1) variable being passed between CL and RPG is trouble due to differences in parameter handling. It's possible that a minor change to the prototype can make a difference. But typing random guesses is mostly a waste of time. Some info about actual program statements would be helpful. Tom
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