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One of my friends' computer has believed to be infected by a virus. Whenever he put memory stick to the computer, following files appeared in the stick:
  1. autorun.inf
  2. squxe.exe
  3. xnvjmz.exe
These files can be deleted manually. But when he put that memory stick or other stick, the files appeared again in the stick. It is assumed that the virus itself is hiding in the harddisk. Please help me how to solve this virus problem. P.S. he is using SAV. Awaiting your earliest replies. kwinoo

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The standard response should be “make sure your virus definition files are up-to-date and scan your system”. I imagine you tried that.

Yes, something on the harddisk that is not being detected as malicious. To narrow down what it may be, try Trend Micro’s System Information Collector (SIC) utility.

Here’s an easy way to find suspicious files that you can give your antivirus vendor. You can detect that which they don’t detect. Use Trend Micro’s System Information Collector utility. See “Collecting malware samples and logs using the System Information Collector (SIC)” for download and usage instructions. With this utility you will create a log file of system information and create a ZIP archive of suspicious files. Review the log file if you like, that’s optional. The important next step is to get the files that were archived to your antivirus vendor for review. The password for the ZIP file is “virus” (without the quotes).

Note that SIC doesn’t remove the suspicious file, just helps you find it. You can use to confirm that yes, indeed, you have come across a file that your antivirus software is not detecting.

Removal will depend upon what is detected.


Even if you will delete those virus programs infinite times, they would keep on appearing. Your computer or other files and folders from your computer system might be infected with that certain virus. You can only solve the virus problem in your computer system by installing the latest and update antivirus software and perform a full system scan.


Yes, most viruses and malicious software hide itself as a system file so that the user cannot delete it totally. Remember that you cannot delete a system file, all you can do is to use an effective and updated antivirus software to scan these malicious programs hiding somewhere else in your system.

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  • Robert2010
    Just fixed a memory stick with the same problem. I don't see these problems to often now days! Memory sticks are so cheap. Good advice Rklanke.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Use MWAV to remove the virus completely ! It is free and can do emergency scan. I experienced the same probs and it works fine.
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