Masters in Network and Distributed Systems with CCNA????

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Hi Guys, I am doing my Masters in Networks and Distributed Systems. Currently I have 2 months vacation in hand and want to do CCNA in that time. Need help on whether it is good idea?? Will it help my Masters?? Masters in Networks and Distributed Systems with CCNA is a good combination?? Will the combintion prove good in terms of getting job??

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If you are getting a masters degree in networking a CCNA is superfluous unless it is part of getting something like a CCNP or CCIE. Except for the cisco specifics, you should be well past the CCNA level.

I had a CCNA and it made no discernible difference in getting a job, (translation, it didn’t help when I applied for engineering level positions).

On the other hand, if you plan on working in a cisco shop then having the higher level certs will help you get in the door, and if they do consulting, they will want you to have the certs for advertising.

Another thing to consider is the need to re-certify every three years. Do you want to pay for their gravy train?

My experience was with just a two year degree and a CCNA, no-one would consider me for an engineering level position. The flip side of this was when I applied for a technician level position, they considered me so over-qualified, they didn’t want me either.

With a masters, you are well past this hurdle.
I would focus more on getting some real experience to complement your book knowledge.

We currently have a student who has passed the written CCIE. He has all sorts of ideas for our college network, most of which we will not implement for practical, managerial, or security reasons. He is very bright but desperately needs several years of practical experience. When he has acquired this experience, I expect him to make significantly more than I do.

I recommend you check out if your college can provide some sort of internship program.


I disagree that getting the CCNA is “superfluous” – the CCNA is the “gateway” to other Cisco certs – CCNP or CCNA specialties. In todays IT market, at least here in the States, a degree helps you get the interview, but if you dont have the certs/experience to prove that you know what you’re doing in a real-world environment, then your degree is pointless… Grats on the masters, and YES! go get your CCNA and keep going from there…

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