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I need to map a drive from my Windows Server 2008 R2 box to a Ubuntu share. I cannot get it to work. How can I achieve this? Sent via email.

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How far have you gotten? Did you setup the share on Ubuntu? What is the error message that you are receiving?

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  • carlosdl
    "I cannot get it to work." Can you describe the steps you have already taken ? Is samba installed and running on the ubuntu machine ? Have you successfully shared the folder ? How are you trying to map the drive, and what are the results of your attempts ?
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Few portions I agree with Carlosdl. What steps u have taken to get the result ! And Samba client is already installed by default. Have u properly configured "Windows Domain Membership" and make allow Guests Access and User to share their directories. Also ensure the services like SWAT and NMB / SMB & XINETD r running or not. Then next step to configure Windows Server 2008.
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  • Eric Hansen
    Rechil: Samba is installed by default for most flavors, but not for all. Also, it could be a customized set up (i.e.: selected to uninstall Samba during installation). If Samba isn't installed, that would be the first thing I'd try. The documentation for it is pretty straight forward and easy. However, I disagree with allowing guests access to any network drive for security reasons. Most of the work should be focused on the Linux machine first, also making sure also that the firewall and/or hosts.allow/hosts.deny files are set up properly as well. Configuring Windows should just be a matter of going Tools -> Map Network Drive -> etc... But, as already stated, we can't help you without knowing more about what's already been done and what occurred from it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Ehanse24, The Q asker is already mentioned the distro is Ubuntu.... regarding this, I wrote that line as "Samba client is already installed by default" The method I suggested, is an easy and enhance procedure! Whatever u wrote it is bit tricky and required expert involvement. That does not mean, the Q asker has not the same ability :)
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