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Hello, We have a ?LAN without any server Windows OS in it? , so everybody is a client (with fixed IP). The only ?server? we have, is our iSeries i5 (V5R3) with iSeries Access(CA) installed (also on the clients). We cannot ?map drive? the IFS f.e. root with QS6555A8Aroot (or anything else on the iSeries; even not with the iSeries-IP instead of the name) in the Windows Explorer. In the host table the IP is described as ?QS6555A8A?. The iSeries Netserver is correctly configured. Also the file shares are created (or should there always be a share for the root `/? ? ) . What are we missing? The only thing we can do is make a shortcut in our Navigator and have access through this shortcut. But it would be much more comfortable to expand the Windows Explorer-tree with the IFS mapping. Can anybody help us? Thanks in advance. PS: in earlier days with Viewnow/Rumba (no CA) this was possible in our ?LAN without any?? ?

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So if I understand correctly…
– You have created “shares” using iSeries Navigator?
(i.e. a share named “root” for the / directory, a share named “test” for /home/jdoe/test, and so on)
– And using “net use X: \QS6555A8Aroot” or “net use Z: \QS6555A8Atest” in a DOS box on a client PC doesn’t work?

Very strange indeed.


The assertion you made was <i>”The iSeries Netserver is correctly configured.”</i>

How can you possibly know that, especially if you can’t map drives…? I’d say that that’s a pretty obvious indication that NetServer is <b>not</b> configured correctly.

First thing I’d guess is that your TCP/IP configuration is wrong. And when you correct that, I’d expect that NetServer configuration is wrong — you say you have shares, but what are you “sharing” with if you don’t have a Windows network? You can’t just share to… nothing… out the ethernet card. I’d guess that the domain info doesn’t match properly with the Windows PCs (which clearly aren’t in any domain at all). Workgroup sharing can work if everything matches up, but it’s almost certain that it since you can’t map drives.

Post your TCP/IP interfaces, the host table entry for your AS/400 and the host/domain configuration. (From CFGTCP options 1, 10 and 12.) When those are correct, we can set NetServer. (At least 95% of TCP/IP on all systems I’ve seen in the past 15 years are not correct.)


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  • PaulThomas
    Stupid question but do you have NetServer configured and started? You need this to be able to share the iSeries objects in a Windows environment.
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  • JonAlbr
    We have almost the same situation. No Windows server OS; i5 os V5R3. We share /root. Our machine is named SMM and our netserver QSMM. All IP addresses are hardcoded. The i5 is named in every PC's host and LMhost files with the same IP address but multiple names (SMM, QSMM, etc). We share many folders and have no problems mapping network drives to folders in QSMM.
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  • Programmers
    If your workstation is NT4 or later then you can try with the network address instead of the name of the iSeries, e.g.: net use (This will not work from dos or Win98.) If this works, then there is probably a router between the workstation and the iSeries which will block the broadcast for QS6555A8A.
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  • Wbocamark
    Do you have users included in the iSeries directory (WRKDIRE)?
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  • ClarkSysCoord
    I seem to remember reading that there were some changes in security reagarding the IFS (and QDLS) with V5R3. Have you checked the object securities on the shares and your users?
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  • TomLiotta
    Do you have users included in the iSeries directory (WRKDIRE)? System directory entries are not needed. They would only be used if the obsolete /QDLS file system was being shared, and it shouldn't be shared -- use a different file system. Tom
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