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I've got a bit of a problem. Our company has consolidating reports, and intranet servers. One of the reports that is used quite a bit is a report delivered to warehouse management, and executives detailing orders that have been printed on a given day. I'd origionally written this report in ASP using an ASP graphing component. The SQL has been optimized considerably, but, the method of generating graphs that I used was a major slow-down (took 15-20 seconds to generate). I've rewritten the report using reporting services and 1 query instead of 4. The report now generates in less then a second, and I'd like to depoly the report, BUT, here's where our problems start. Our sending practices for the report are to send every time we finish a print run. There are some cases where I could schedule for these, but, for exception runs, and the like, there is no way to set up a strict schedule of when to send the report. So far, we've been able to thin of two options. 1) use a piece of data or flag to feed to the generating stored procedure, and cause the report to fail if the 'send' flag isn't set. Then set up a schedule for the report to run every 5-10 min. 2) create a seperate application to scrape the report from reporting services, and then e-mail the scraped results. I don't really like either of these options. It just feels like there should be an option in reporting services to manage this type of situation. Any ideas? thanks, Kevin

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You could alter option number two in the following way: instead of scraping the results, you could call the Reporting Services Web Service to generate the report and convert it to a PDF (or other acceptable format). Then, you could email the PDF from the application as an attachment. Do you have the resources to create an ASP.NET application? I believe calling web services has much more support for .NET.

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    I came across option #3. You can set a subscription based on a data event, and I can then fire the to list based upon what a query returns. Now I just need to figure out how to cause the email to generate without any intervention. (I *THINK* I can manage to query out the necessary information) Still, letting an op click a button on reporting services when it was time to mail (or remail) the report would have been nice. I just can't seem to find any functionality that will do that :/
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    Thanks to everyone who tried to help. I figured out a solution. We set up a data driven subscription, and I selected a count of order batches printed in the 16 min prior to last run, then I had it return null if there were none, or a list of e-mail addresses if there were, and then scheduled it to run every 15 min. not the most elegant solution, but it works.
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  • GeoffD
    The way I have dealt with a similiar need was to create a subscription in reporting services to run once. This creates an entry in the schedules table. Then you can run the following to create the report: use reportserver insert into [Event] ([EventID], [EventType], [EventData], [TimeEntered], [ProcessStart], [BatchID]) Select NewID(),sc.Eventtype, sc.Eventdata,GETUTCDATE(), NULL, NULL from Catalog c Left outer join ReportSchedule RS on c.itemid = rs.Reportid inner join Schedule sc on rs.scheduleid = sc.scheduleid where = 'Job Status Report' and SC.NextRunTime is null Once setup as a stored procedure you can pass various report names or ID's as you please.
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  • Sqllion
    One of the effective and correct way to get the job Running Status report in SSRS for easy viewing and monitoring jobs running on servers. (.rdl file attached.)
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