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I have a Win2k Server domain with a WinXP Pro SP2 notebook client that I am trying to get a mandatory roaming profile to work. When I log into the notebook with it connected or disconnected from the network with the NTUSER set to .DAT, I get the proper profile that is stored on the server. The profile shows up in the Documents and Settings, and everyone is happy. When I log into the notebook with the NTUSER set to .MAN, I get the proper profile that is stored on the server, but only when I am connected to the network. When I am disconnected from the network, I get the error message: Event ID 1511 - "Windows cannot find the local profile and is logging you on with a temporary profile, etc.," and the profile that was in the Documents and Settings that was created when connected to the network is now empty. I checked registry and local group policies, and there is nothing enabled to delete roaming cache profiles, or anything of that sort. I also created another .MAN profile and got the same results: profile works when connected to the network, does not see the local profile when not connected to the network so the notebook creates a temporary local profile. Anyone have any ideas? I am at a lost. Thanks, Keith.

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Try locating the ntuser.dat hidden file (documents and settingsprofile_name) on the local machine and renaming it to

If you store this profile on a server then the only way it will work is if the laptop is on the network and has access to the stored file.

Good luck!

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  • KeithD1967
    Petroleumman, the copying of the .MAN profile to each and individual notebook is a good idea, and I have not thought of that before. Your second line comment basically confirmed my line of thinking was that .MAN profiles only works if the client is continuously connected to the network. At first, I thought I would like to try this copying of the .MAN file to the notebook, but after thinking about it, I will have to cordially decline your suggestion. Your suggestion would be a good idea if I had a small amount of roaming clients that I would see more then once-per-week. However, since I have a large amount of users (50+) that will use this profile and hardly would see (some of them once per month or longer), if I had to make any changes to the profile, it would be a logistical nightmare trying to coordinate with everyone to get this profile updated. I think I would have more success (and fun!) herding a 100 feral cats into a dog kennel. After looking around in troubleshooting this problem with the .MAN profile issue, I came across a local GPO that WinXP clients can use that could be the solution to the .MAN profile not copying down whiles the notebook is offline. Here is the gist of it: Local GPO- Prevent Roaming Profile Changes From Propagating to the server (New for Windows XP) Location: Computer ConfigurationAdministrative TemplatesSystem User Profiles Description: This policy determines if the changes a user makes to their roaming profile are merged with the server copy of their profile. If this policy is set, at login the user will receive their Roaming Profile, but any changes a user makes to their profile will not be merged to their roaming profile at logoff. The Pros: I can solve the problem of roaming .MAN profiles not staying locally cached on a notebook computer by using a .DAT profile that ?acts? like a .MAN profile. The Cons: 1. This GPO is local, and has to be configured on each notebook. 2. It means that all notebooks must have WinXP Pro, which isn?t that big of a deal, unless you are big into legacy OS?s or Linux. I am still trying to find a solution to this problem other than using this GPO, but it is the only thing I can find so far. Question: To make my life easier using this GPO, I am currently looking for the registry entry of this GPO to automatically configure this Local GPO via a login / logout script, but I cannot find it. Does anyone have any idea where this GPO is via the registry? I tried looking in the HKLM, but cannot find it. Thank-you all for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Keith
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  • Jcan123
    try setting the policy and look for it under HKLMSoftwarePoliciesMicrosoft. Export the key and edit the file in Notepad. Then I guess you'll have what you're looking for.
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  • Petroleumman
    Hello, To simplify your GPO solution, set the policy at the domain level instead of locally. You'll find the setting your looking for under 'computer configurationAdministrative TemplatesSystemUser ProfilesPrevent roaming profiles from propagating to the server'. You can enforce this policy across the entire domain or narrow it by creating an OU containing only your laptops and assign it like that. This way you won't have to sneaker around and configure each laptop individually or spend the time writing scripts. Anytime a laptop is authenticated on your domain the policy will be enforced. Good Luck!
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