Malware removal software vs hard drive sanitation software

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My computer has slowed to a snails pace. Suspecting spyware or a virus I tried downloading free removal software from the internet such as AVG, Noadware, etc. Some were bait and switch offering scans but charged for removal. Usable free removal software had not effect and did not work. Would sanitation software remove spyware or virus? Would deleting all data and software from the computer, including Windows XP, rid my computer of spyware or virus?

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This program: CCleaner.

Cleans out Temp Files and other junk that collecs over time. The using this first and see if there is an improvement.

Then you might want to try this: Spybot.

This is one of the better spyware programs availible (IMHO)

After you do that clean-up… try defragmenting the hard drive. Either the built-in Windows one or JKDefrag.

If it still surfs, head to and run their free online scan. It will scan and clean a bunch and is safe. The bait and switch types are usually dumping more spyware on your system, you may have done more harm than good with those. Spybot, Adaware and Bitdefender are my primary methods for attacking various spyware and viruses. Then, I lookup Combofix and SDfix, these are powerful tools and can be a bit overwhelming to use. The tools I list are safe and won’t pollute your system any further, however depending on how deep the infection runs there is an outside possibility they could disable windows… that’s the fault of the virus, not the cleaners. Your ultimate best bet is to back off your data, wipe and reload windows. That should ensure a fresh clean system.


Most malware or antivirus software programs are offered free as part of the trial version. You should purchase a latest and updated software for removing viruses and other malicious software to enjoy its full and effective features.


I believe that both software are effective in removing malicious programs running in your computer system. The only difference is their brand name and user interface, but when it comes to performance, they have the same goal of removing malware from your computer system.

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  • Robert Stewart
    Make sure to run your cleanup tools and AV in safe mode with no networking. Viruses and spyware if removed with a network connection running can and will just rewrite themselves.
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  • Bobkberg
    The other key thing in cleaning viruses and the like is to temporarily mount the hard drive on a machine dedicated to cleanup only. . I use an older pentium which ONLY goes out to the Interenet for patches and virus updates. The rest of the time, it's turned off - thereby minimizing the chances of of its getting infected. . Bob
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  • Robert Stewart
    The only way to be sure if your computer is clean after a virus has infected it is to totally reformatt the computer, so yes removing xp and starting over is the best bet.
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