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I am using Exchange 2007 SP1 . I am having problem with mail storage database size. Actual size of all mails including deleted mails is 2.32GB . But the size of the mail storage database on the server is showing 7.89 GB. I used the command below to get the size of all mails and deleted items.
Get-MailboxStatistics | Sort -Property DisplayName | ft DisplayName, @{expression={$_.totalitemsize.value.ToMB()};label="Mailbox Size (MB)"},@{expression={$_.TotalDeletedItemSize.value.ToMB()};Label="DeletedItems(MB)"}
I want to know why mail storage database is showing 7.89 GB instead of 2.32 GB.

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I found a really good article on Exchange 2007 database sizes, maintenance, whitespace etc. here.

In general, Exchange’s footprint is going to be triple your dataset size. That’s the price you pay for their features. Some of the difference is metadata, some of it is consistency and point in time data, and some of it is flat out unnecessary bloat. In any case, I don’t think there’s a way to improve this short of using deduplication on your storage box, and that’s often more expensive than the raw disk it replaces.

Also, the size of your database will have an impact on your licensing- as far as I know, Microsoft charges you to upgrade past a certain DB size.


There might be a problem with your mail storage database. Make sure that the database files are stored properly and there are no conflicting other database software.

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  • Technochic
    How long have you had these mail stores and mailboxes on your exchange 2007 SP1 server? There is a question of "whitespace" I would like answered myself involving exchange 2007. I know in previous versions of exchange as mail is deleted or mailboxes are moved there is whitespace left behind in the database which would make it look like nothing was removed from that database at all and an offline defrag was required to remove this whitespace. I do not know if the offline defrag is required for exchange 2007 as well, but I would like to know the answer to that. If it is the case, then what you are seeing is whitespace.
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