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Hello, I stood up an Exchange server (2003) 2 weeks ago. I only have 7 people including myself sending mail through as of right now while I test live. My company sends mail daily to a pop mail domain which we have been using for 5 years. My Exchange will send mail to any domain we choose with the exception of this one domain we use the most. What happens is, when a piece of mail is sent to this domain, it will go through fine. But once that first piece of mail gets to the Queues, the queue for that domain is created in the Queues Viewer. No more mail to that domain will clear that queue after that. They all just get stuck in there and sit until Exchange finally gives up and NDRs are created. Eventually I end up deleting those messages from the queue. After a while, the queue dissappears and the process begins again. The first piece of mail goes through, the queue is created, all mail from that point on gets stuck. Again, this only happens with this one domain. I have checked everything: DNS, MX, settings, ping, nslookup, telnet. I'm baffled. I'm also desparate. I have to get this fixed and I just cannot seem to be able to. I do not use MTA/x400, I don't have any connectors, 3rd party software. My anti virus/spam has been checked by me and I called the vendor. I have checked with the hosting comapny I have my mx records with and my ISP. I have no reason to think there is anything wrong with my local DNS on my DC. I have Exchange configured to use my ISP's external DNS as well. Dave

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I dont fully understand the question but will try to help. You should be sending via DNS and generally POP is used for collection only. Exchange 2003 has a POP connecter which could be set up to collect emails from your old POP account. But as for sending emails that will be pushed out via the SMTP virtual sever and resolved by DNS. Can you telnet into the server that collects emails for the domain you are trying to send to? Check the recieving server and make sure it will receive emails? what NDR message do you get?

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  • Defiantclass1
    Thanks for responding. You know, I think my problems are bigger than I thought. My internal network was set up a long time ago as CoName.Corp. When I added my Exchange server to this network domain recently, I named it Mail.CoName.Corp (FQDN). My MX Record is pointing to Since my MX record is pointing to this, and my server name is something different, outgong mail appears as though it is coming from a server other than what the MX record says it is. This is causing me problems. The header says Mail.CoName.Corp. It fails DNS reports ( and probably being rejected by anti-virus/spam software. I don't know what to do about it because the ".Corp" appendix is not a web reachable domain. It's internal only (right?). I cannot point my MX record to an internal domain name such as ".Corp". So what do I do? I can't very well change the FQDN of the Exchange server, can I? What do you think? Thanks again!
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  • Jim D
    Hi dave I used to have the same problem. this is how I fixed it. My email goes to my firewall and is natted to my exchange box and my hosted DNS record for points towards that eternal natted address. Now for outgoing redirect the mail out a different natted ip address so the mail leaves out a different external address You can apply a mask to change the outgoing mails severname. then add that Dns name to your hosted Dns service. So when outgoing mail is check by the recieving domains it will point back to valid dns/ip address. I use a smtp relay inbetween my firewall and exchnge box so I don't need the outgoing mask. So basically you will have two DNS records one for incoming mail and one for outgoing mail. and Just make sure your provider gives a lower number to the income mail address.
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