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Hi friends I am using Domino 7 as my SMTP server, I have a strange situation where certain mails are not able to reach its like out of 100 mails, 2, 3 mail are comming back with following error. Error transferring to; SMTP Protocol Returned a Permanent Error 250 recipient <> ok Does it have to do anything with DNS? Please advise. Thanks

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My first guess would be to wonder if there’s any common thread with the recipients.

In the example you gave, have you ever successfully sent email to that person from anywhere? The same question would apply to the other bounces.

Whenever I encounter some odd problem like that, the first troubleshooting steps are to start eliminating variables – like the sending server in this case, or finding out if the rejections have a common pattern.

Another possibility is that someone thinks you are spamming them – since you mentioned 2 or 3 out of a 100 emails. I doubt if I send 100 emails a month – let alone in a day.

Write back – this should be interesting,


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  • DLawton
    Check to see if you're black listed by Yahoo. My server was erroneously labeled as a spammer by Yahoo and it took quite a few emails to their security department to recover. Good luck.
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  • Manije
    Thanks for sharing the views. Actually that yahoo address also belongs to me. I am getting mails from all other domains including the bounced back domain, It happens rarely and some important msgs are bounced back. There is no mail thread involved. Its frequency is not stable either, some time 2, 3 days goes by with out bounce and some time it happens 4, 5 times a day. Confusing thing is answer 250 which i think, means task completed successfully. No other reason is mentioned :-( all msgs are bounced back with same pattern. i have varified my server on DNSBL servers and its clean, I also have reported this to yahoo tech dept.
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