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I have a laptop that is very low on resources and I can't understand it. Now it does only have 64 MB of RAM on it and the purpose for the laptop is to clean it off and give it to a family in need but it is wicked slow. When I shut down everything but Explorer and Systray and then look at it's resources - they are at 98%. I don't understand what is hogging them when nothing is running. any help would be great.

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Clearly, something other than Explorer and Systray is running, without you knowing about it, and it’s hogging all the resources. Luckily, this SHOULD be easy to pin down. While in Task Manager (I assume that’s how you’re checking the resources), flip to the Processes tab and click ONCE on the CPU columnheader. That will sort the list of processes running at the moment by the percentage of processing time they’re using.

Normally, you should see System Idle Process (may vary slightly by OS version) pretty close to the top, if not at the very top. In your case, you’re going to see something else at the top, probably using around 98% of your CPU resources. That’s your culprit. You should be able to End Process on it and see your CPU Usage drop like a rock. But, you’ll still need to locate and uninstall or disable the culprit so that it doesn’t load up again, every time.

My first guess would be an application that’s trying to establish communications with some device that’s no longer attached, but there are lots of possibilities.

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    Actually, if you're seeing "Explorer" and "Systray", that means you won't have the actual task manager referenced in the other reply. You have a 9x-based operating system. Unfortunately, in 95 or 98, you do not have the granularity of the "Processes" tab in the NT/2K/XP/03 version of Task Manager. However, you can download (for free) tools from SysInternals.com some awesome programs which will allow you to manage things on a process-by-process basis. You can also kill processes with their tools. Check it out.
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