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Hi, I am trying to send email from Lotus Script. But the email doesn't seem to have the FORM (named Email Form, referred below in the code) attached to it, when received in the inbox. When I check the Document property in the email, it says the form is "Memo"  and the  FROM, TO addresses are blank. I have defined the FROM, TO,SUBJECT,BODY fields in the Email Form in a specific format. But all these field values are populated correctly in the form. Issue happens only after send. The Same code works fine in some other Lotus Notes, when the email is triggered by another person, having  a different Notes ID configured in that system. Not sure if this is code issue, or Lotus Notes configuration issue. Any help to solve this would be greatly appreciated . Thanks . Here is a sample code on the EMAIL Action button. The form has the property "Store Form in Document" checked and even the computewithForm returns success. Is this anything to do with my lotus notes configuration? As the same code works for others.
Sub Click(Source As Button)
Set email = db.CreateDocument
Call email.ReplaceItemValue("Form", "Email Form") Call email.ReplaceItemValue("Subject", " My TestEmail") Call email.ReplaceItemValue("From", nom.Canonical) Call email.ReplaceItemValue("SendTo", nom.Canonical) Call email.ReplaceItemValue("Body", " Hello, my test email ") Call email.Send(True,nom.Common) End Sub

Software/Hardware used:
lotus notes

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Is it possible that your email without the form is going via an SMTP gateway? If so, all Notes-specific attributes will get removed when changed to SMTP format. Check the ROUTE- attributes in the received email for clues.

BTW, you cannot set the “From” field. Ever. It is a security device to disallow sender-spoofing. FROM is always set as the ID of the sender. Populate PRINCIPAL and then the email will be received “From: <PRINCIPAL>” and “SentBy: <FROM>”. This is the same artifact used in Notes mail when a mail-owner’s delegates send mail on their behalf.

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