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A user wants to file selected emails into one archive and other selected emails into another archive. This is so he can open just one archive to view all his selected entries (as miuch as his limit of 500mb allows) and to limit having to spread them across different archives. Thus he wants one archive for a specific purpose and the other archive for anything else. So I would like to know: (a) When he archives can he select which archive file to send to? (b) If so, how can he create the 2nd archive (before the 1st one is full)

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This is very simple, first let me answer ur questions.
(a) Yes
(b) Modify the archive location path. (example:- archive\mail.nsf change it archive\mail1.nsf, this will create a new archive file).

Lotus Notes Archive can be created according to your requirement. You have one archive file and multiple at same time, but the location where the files are being save is very important. recommended size limit is 2GB, but I have seen 10 to 15 GB archive files. The only challenge I see with the users are sorting the multiple archive, as naming is not as simple as Outlook. You try the below steps for multiple archive, which can be used together,

1. Go to Actions – > Archive -> settings-> Criteria tab
2. delete the existing entries by using Delete button & create new one by using Create button (example:- 2008)
3. Create once more (example:- 2009)
4. Enable both
5. Click Edit button after u high the first entry
6. Check “Copy documents into my archive database specified here, then clean up this database”
7. Make sure the path or location is “archive\oldmail.nsf”
8. Click on the button “Selection Criteria”
9. Choose “selected by the user”
10. Close settings by click OK.

Do the same for both the entries & when ever he select mails to archive it will prompt him with two options (example:- 2008 & 2009), User can select one of them & proceed. Make sure u change the name of the icons from workspace.

Please do let me know if this helps u.


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  • Kazza
    Thank you Khadir. I will be able to check this out tomorrow and will let you know how I go.
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  • Kazza
    Hi Khadir, I found the 'archive settings > criteria' tab under the mailbox dbase properties. I haven't quite got it working because it won't create the new archive file but I'll play with it some more next week. The good news is that due to your comments I believe that I now understand how it should work. Thanks again.
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