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I have a Lotus Notes database where documents have begun disappearing. It seems they have disappeared for no reason at all. Does anyone know how this might have happened? Also, how do we detect type errors in documents which might be causing them to disappear within the Notes database? I created a soft deletion view in case someone with the rights inadvertently deleted the missing documents. But it doesn't seem to be working. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Thank you.

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Documents don’t really disappear from dB’s so something else is happening.
I’ve had this issue a few times.
I’d think about removing the ability of anyone to delete, even the Local Servers, from the ACL. If they still disappear after this then maybe something else if changing them. Are there any agents running over them, maybe moving then to another, archive, db? Maybe the agent is changing their form name?

What I ended up doing in practice was this:
Setting up a Trash can;
Open each Form type that is dissapperaing.
Create a new field called $DeletedDoc of type Text with a default value of “”. also make it computed when composed.
now create a view of all documents. Create an action in the view with the following formula:

Selected any old documents you want the new field to be in and run the action over them.
so now your existing docs have the new field and any new ones will also have the field.
now in every existing view amend the formula to to say

your exsiting formula…
& $DeletedDoc=””
This will filter out any documents where $DeletedDoc has a value. Only docs in our trash can will have a value in this field.
Now open the database script and in the Querydocumentdelete event place this code

Dim session As New notessession ‘
Dim actualCollection As NotesDocumentCollection
Dim DocDate As NotesDateTime
Dim dtNow As New NotesDateTime(Now)
Dim note As NotesDocument
Dim Uname As New NotesName(session.UserName)
Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
Set collection = source.documents
Set note=collection.getfirstdocument

While Not note Is Nothing

Call note.ReplaceItemValue(“$DeletedDoc”,Now & “#” & session.UserName)
Call note.Save(True,False)
Set note=collection.getnextdocument(note)

Continue = False
Exit Sub

now documents are deleted but trashed.
If anyone or agent is deleting the document won’t be deleted but will be trashed.

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  • Saphran
    I have also experience something similar (I thought I would share that with you)... It happened with always the same document that I was trying to send... I could see it just in the sent items but not in all documents and the recipient wasn't able to receive it... When I was composing the document and save it as draft... it was always dissapearing. So unable to really sent it (even though I could see it in my sent items and not in all documents) and unable to save it as draft.... the cause... the antivirus was removing the draft (due to an error in scanning... too many containers) and trapped the document when sending... It doesn't explain why it is in the sent items but not in all documents... IBM couln'd explained it either... We've been able to reproduce the problem for them and.... no clue... same thing with any new views...
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  • Brooklynegg
    Is it possible that someone or something is changing the document's ACL so you can't see it? I don't know how to check for this easily, but if you know the date the document as created, you could create a view that restricts the documents to ones from that date, then add a categorized column with a count column in front of that. The count column is a total column that hides detail and has a forumla of 1. Categorize on a field that every document has. A total of all the documents with each category will appear to the left of the category. Look for a category that does not have enough documents below it to match the total. This indicates that there are more documents that have been counted than actually appear when the category is expanded. After that, I'm not sure what you can do if you find documents that are hidden in this way. Unless you can find the person or process resetting the document ACL and have them add other groups so it, I don't think they are retrieveable.
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  • ToonVR
    I ran into the same problem some time ago. This is what happened: Some documents contained READER fields, which did not contain the server. So actually the server itself could not read the documents. This is no problem, until I replicated with a Groups, which also contained the server. So the server replicated the database with itself. Since the server could not read the documents, they were simply removed (not deleted !) from the database and from all the replicas. I solved it by adding the server(s) in a READER Field.
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