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Good afternoon. I am a very non-Lotus user, so please forgive any ignorance in the question posed below.

I have what should be a simple task, but I have been told "can't be done" by a few Lotus users. I'm hoping to get some advice here, even if it is to confirm that.

I have a very large NSF email file that contains tons of subfolders. I need to simply copy specific subfolders of emails to a new NSF. If I were using Outlook, I could simply create a new PST and copy the folders directly into it and be done. Can anyone advise of a way to do this quickly and easily in Notes, or am I truly out of luck?

Thank you in advance.


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Lotus Notes 7.0.3

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This may depend on the scope of your project. Stilleto’s proposal of copying the database and deleting the unwanted messages is good. It’s also very easy to copy and paste documents from one database to another. For option 1 (Stiletto’s), you would select File, Database, New Copy, and then start deleting from the new database. For option 2, you create your new mail database (File, Database, New; or CTRL-N), select the Notes Mail template. Then go to the original db, select a folder, select all documents in the folder (CTRL-A), copy them (CTRL-C), then go to your new db, create folders if you need them, and paste them in (CTRL-V). You said there are a ton of folders. If the particular messages can be identified by a search query, for example, if you’re looking for a particular sender, that could be much easier than going through every folder. Run the query on the All Documents view.

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  • Stiletto
    Could be done with some code. Or, have you considered making a copy of the entire file and then just deleting the stuff you don't want?
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  • SlikTool
    An alternative to the above is to use the "Archive" feature native to Lotus Notes as well. It will create a design copy of your current database, and then you can, at any time, select a message and choose to archive it to the archive database on your system. Similar to option 2 by LedLincoln. If you like LedLincoln's suggestion, I might offer a slight change. Make a local copy of your mail database, but when you do so, only copy the design (it is a radio button choice before you click OK to create the copy), that way all your folders will already be there. Then, from each folder in your mail file, locate the documents you want to move to this other copy, and select the documents, click CTRL+C, go to the new copy, go to the appropriate folder, and click CTRL+V to paste. If this will not work, more creative things can be done from code.
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  • zyrocco
    Hi there, i have the same issue, a tree of folders above 7 levels, with about 50 folders each... which means I need to 7x50 times Copy Paste all. I hate Lotus Notes. regards
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