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Our company runs Lotus Notes 6.5 and is initiating a policy of deleting any e-mail that is over 90 days old. I agree and in fact support this policy; however, I want to save thousands of historical e-mails for future business reference and do not know how to move these e-mails into a .msp or some other type of file for future reference. Can anyone lend their able wisdom to a solution? Thanks!

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I hope your company has really thought this through. A lot of business email really should be preserved for legal or financial reasons.

That being said, there are three ways that I see to go about this:

1) Institute a third-party archiving solution. There are a number of them out there; I have no recommendations. Often these solutions can greatly compress the mailfiles to make the available space last as long as possible. This has the advantage of being able to be backed up and thus protected from failure at the user/workstation level.

2) Use the archiving tools in Notes. Archiving can be done to a network drive, another server, or the user’s local computer. It can also be set up to run automatically. The problems here are that it does have to be set up on each computer individually (some savvy developer might know a way around this) and if you use local storage, there’s always a possibility that a crash or reimage will wipe out everything — this can be real chancy if you are talking about documents with a legal and/or financial impact. Running it on a network drive or another Domino server allows you to back it up, but may not give you any significant cost or space savings.

3) Replication, either locally, to a Domino server or to a network drive. Very much the same advantages and drawbacks as archiving except that if you set up this up to a backup or failover server, you can programatically replicate everybody with administrative tools and never have to touch individual workstations.

I am extremely wary of blanket deletion policies. There are too many legal and financial ways for this to turn out to be a real problem for a company.

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  • jimstell
    I'm a little bit puzzled, why do you say you support the policy but then seek a way to circumvent it? Violating company policy can have a real bad effect on job security. -Jim
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  • GeoffH
    Hi, If you are running Domino 6.5 your company can take advantage of policies which is a built in feature to centrally control users. This means you wont have to visit any desktop. An archiving policy will enable you to schedule archiving on users you select or all users to remove mail over the period you wish. As mentioned previously there are also 3rd tools which bring other benefits as well as archiving such as Improving Compliance with SOX, SEC, FOI, etc and Improve Policy Enforcement & Productivity.
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