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In domino server there is names.nsf and on client machine there is also his personal names.nsf then how will they replicate. is there any possibility conflict in replication. what should i do to overcome this problem.

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The names.nsf file on a user’s machine and the names.nsf on the server are not replicas. They will never replicate. Each database has a replica ID, which can be seen by users in the Database Properties on the second tab. If you review these on the two databases, you will see that they are different.

It is not a problem that they are not replicas, so you have no problem to overcome.

What is your role in this question? Are you on support staff at a company? If so, you should ask for training so you can understand the Notes environment, as this is basic to understanding how it functions.

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  • RRN
    The answer depend what do you wan to to get. The server file is a Public Address Book and your clients have Personal Address book. These are independient files and it don have any relation.
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  • Broxy
    The local names.nsf is the users personal address book, it is designed to hold user specific addresses and personal groups and is unrelated to the server address book (Better known as the Domino directory). The client looks first to the local address book but its not a good idea to store addresses in the local address book that are in the domino directory as they won't get updated if the they change on the server and could result in undelivered messages which will drive the support staff crazy. It is very easy for users who spend time out of the office to replicate the domino directory to a users laptop which needs to have a different filename (eg companyNames.nsf), you then add the new database as an address book so that users have full access to the domino directory when offline. You should probably get yourself on a training course for basic notes admin which will explain all this in more detail. On no account should you change the design of either the local or server address books or you will have a huge mess to sort out.
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  • lisbar
    If you need a local replica on the server names.nsf, when you do a Database, Replication, New Replica, change the file name of the database (Snames.nsf).
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  • Angel27
    Whe you create a replica of Domino Directory, the local copy of this names nsf is made on the /mail/ folder. This folder is distinct of the local names.nsf, in the / older. I'm a question. I have a Domino 7 and a clients Lotus Notes 7.0.1 and 8. Is it possible to make a policy (or another way) to create in all clients a Domino Directory replica? Thank you very much. I apologize my low english. Angel Moreno Spain
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  • Danielcland
    Well, I have a BlackBerry mobile, and when I add a calendar entry, it appears automatically in the computer Lotus Notes calendar, and it's very nice for employees like me, who spend much time outside the office. The problem is that I don't have the same facility for the Address Book. When I add a new contact in my mobile, it does not appear automatically in the notebook Lotus Notes Address Book. Do you know how to get this automatically, the same way I have for calender entries? Thank you, Daniel.
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