Lotus notes 7.0.3

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Lotus Notes 7.0.3
Hi Our user facing problm while opening Lotus notes it's taking to much time Plase help me to reslove the issue

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The most likely issue is that either the Bookmarks.nsf or something like that needs a consistancy check run against it. If you check the Lotus Notes log and this is so then the easiest way to complete this would be to copy the NFIXUP.exe and NCOMPACT.exe into the users data directory and then use the NFIXUP NCOMPACT with normal switches in a command prompt to rectify this…..This is if you cannot live without the database that is causing the issue (ie Archive DB )

If it is a BOOKMARKS.nsf etc just rename the old one BOOKMARKS.old and start notes….. This will not overly effect you as all the Bookmarks are held in Desktop.ndk.

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  • BrentSheets
    Moderator Note: Hello 9226579687. That's not much to go on. Do you have any additional information about the problem to share? Any error messages or recent changes to the users system or setup? You can provide more details at any time by clicking the "Add to Discussion" button.
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  • SlikTool
    Generally when someone says "notes is slow" they mean the mail database opens slow. 95% of the time it is because there are 1000's of emails in the inbox. Keep the inbox clean and it will open quickly. It they us a portal and the inbox is there (instead of workspace or whatever) then it is still the inbox that is the problem. Mike Kinder
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  • Gabe9527
    If the INBOX is to large you can clear this up. This is because the View needs to be rebuilt. CTRL / ALT & F9 will recache the views and indexes for the database. This may speed things up. I will still say removing the Bookmark from your client and then compacting your work space would help as well. You may find that Notes RED BOXES at this point. This would then mean that the BOOKMARKS.nsf is infact screwed. Things to check.... does anyone else have issues opening your mail from the server... if so this would point to the Client being at fault not the server. Good luck
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  • Ledlincoln
    Is mail or calendar being displayed on the welcome page? You could try taking that off.
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  • Kelvinsw
    And how slow??? was it just feeling slow or taking like 5mins etc...And when starting notes, do you see workspace as 1st page or actually going to user's mailbox on server? If user could like to enter their mailbox directly, you may wish to setup a local replica...loading your mailbox on local should be quicker than server. hope it helps. and of cos, housekeep mailbox should help too.
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