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we are about 4 people managing same group mail box in Lotus notes to handle all client quries. my question is we want to flag the emails to each of them by giving color flag to 4 people so when they see group mail box they can find their quries and handle it. I know we have multiple colors in outlook but I dont know how to do in lotus notes.Can any one give me suggestion in regards to this.

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First of all, I wonder why still you are using LN6.5.1 it is out dated and not supported by IBM any more . Moreover, it has less features than the latest versions .

Second of all ,,As Far As I know it is not possible … However,, Access ==> Tools ==>” Preferences”

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  • Premxcool
    Can you suggest me any alternative in managing the group mail box email quries..
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  • Gabe9527
    The answer is not overly helpful. The best reason to stay on version 6.5 is because it's client is less intensive than 8.5.x and let buggy with Java issues...... What you need to look at is ever create a template to do what you want or download one and change it. Here is something to help you to start with. The Template has views like mail by person etc with actions as images. http://www.openntf.org/internal/home.nsf/release.xsp?action=openDocument&documentId=1A0B8FC9DB4EF5558625759A00657CED
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  • EAJewett
    I don't have a "this feature was introduced in this release" table handy, but that capability has been in the Notes client for at least a few years, maybe introduced in 7. Even without that, if you are willing to tinker a bit, one approach would be to use an agent that scans the message body of each email to pick up whatever criteria it is that separates the queries, for example a line that says REGION: WEST or something like that and then populate another field based on that value. Even if the "programmatically determine the color of a line in a view" capability is after 6.5, you could at least add a column with a colored icon to help the users visually pick them out. If the criteria for assigning them is already a field (like domain of the sender), you don't even need the agent. That's one of the things I like about Notes - there is always more than one way to tackle a problem.
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  • Dlgray
    As far as I know the colors in Lotus are for senders not recipients, so I don't think that colors will work. However, you could create an agent to run on receiving new mail that would put mail to different recipients into specific folders. That way they would only have to look in their folders for their mail.
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