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We are trying to set up a new firewall (sonicw) and new ISP (AT&T). We can't get domino web access to work. Our old fw (checkpoint) and old ISP (verizon) is the only way it will work. We try to switch over and it fails. Verizon holds our MX records, we have requested to be changed, they say it was. AT&T says everything shows fine on their end except the reverse dns, and that verizon has to change these. Verizon says everything was done. Anyone have any tips that can point in the right direction? Any place I can find a sort of checklist I can work through? I did a search and I still see our old ip listed for our email domain. Help? Everything has been working with the new FW and ISP except our domino server.

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I am confused here. Web access and inbound emails are two separate issues. Are there problems with email delivery to your organization? Are users having problems getting to Domino web access portal? These are two separate services. I am not familiar with the specifics of Domino web access but can speak from general email and web access background.

Web access typically runs over port 80 (http) or 443 (https). So, your firewall must permit these services on the specified host IP address(es). The other part of this is that the public DNS record for the website name must point to the correct IP address. So, if you have changed from Verizon to ATT, then the IP address for the web access host has changed. The public DNS record will need to be changed accordingly. DNS replication may take up to 72 hours through the internet so it could take a couple of days for changes to propagate.

What I mentioned about DNS records above for web access also holds true for MX records. Replication can take a while. That is why it is a good idea to have multiple MX records with various weights so if one host is unreachable, the next host in the list may receive emails. This is true even if you have one host and are adding a second host and then shutting down the first host. You will first need to modify the A record for the mail host and then add the additional MX records to permit mail flow to the new host (that is if you have also opened port 25 – SMTP for the new IP address).

Can you provide more information about your new firewall config and what public DNS records show (you can munge the addresses to make them more private)?

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  • Amaries
    Ok, the story I am getting is our old isp (holds the records) changed more than the MX record, they changed the A record and no one validated them. What a big mess. I think there is a bit more to this as I am getting a mish mash of answers. Our company website (not hosted by us) which did not need to be changed, was broken. And our web access email (on our email server) which did need to be changed was changed to the wrong IP (broken). We have 2 MX records, mail.xxxx.com (email coming in) and xxxxxmail.com (web access email). Of course this is all assuming the FW settings were correct as well. It took me less than 2 minutes to see that the records were wrong. I was doubting myself and my understanding when I wasn't getting clear answers. Unfortunately my NA likes to just unplug and see what happens then figure it out from there. No follow through or concern for the huge $$$ spent for time sensitive promos running on our co web site which was down for 4 days (sigh). Thanks for your clarification on this. Lack of follow through did it again.
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  • Troy Tate
    Thanks for the update. Good detective work there. Well done!
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