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Hi, We are using Lotus Domino 8.5 in our organization and now i need to create sub admins in the domino 8.5. It has options like system administrator , database administrator etc. Can someone please suggest

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The Answer is YES Domio has a very granular security model.

Here is some information for you…..

Firstly the Domino Directory can be split down to Role based administration

These Roles are below.

<b>Creator roles </b>
GroupCreator- Create Group documents
NetCreator – Create all documents except Person, Group, Policy, and Server documents
PolicyCreator – Create Policy documents ServerCreator – Create Server documents UserCreator – Create Person documents

<b>Modifier roles </b>
GroupModifier -Edit Group documents
NetModifier – Edit all documents except Person, Group, Policy, and Server documents PolicyModifier – Edit Policy documents
ServerModifier – Edit Server documents
UserModifier – Edit Person documents

Note: The settings are from the Domino Directory. Roles will differ from database to database depending on what is required.


You can specify various access levels for different types of administrators in your organization. For example, you may want to give only a few people ‘system administrator’ access, while all of the administrators on your team are designated as database administrators.
Administrator access rights are granted hierarchically. The privilege hierarchy looks like this:

<b>Full access administrator</b> — gets all rights and privileges of all administration access levels listed.

<b>Administrator</b> — gets all rights and privileges of database administrator and full-console administrator (but not system administrator).

<b>Full console administrator</b> — gets rights and privileges of view-only console administrator (but not system administrator)

<b>System administrator </b>– gets rights and privileges of restricted system administrator

You do not need to list a user individually in each field. Adding a user to the highest level of administrator access automatically grants that user all privileges listed for more restricted access levels below in the hierarchy.

For other database and Domino administration check out the Admin help document

<b>Restricting administrator access </b>

Please Note – understand what you are doing before change the default server access and Administrator levels of access. this can cause huge issues.

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  • EAJewett
    Depending on the problems you are trying to solve, you may want to look into the Certificate Authority processes. That helps delegate but isolate junior admins that can only create user accounts. There are several article in the Domino wiki and I think a redpaper that take you through case studies.
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  • Gabe9527
    OK as for certificate Authority - it you read the admin help it seems a daunting setup. Tools > Certification > Migrate Certifier Fill in the fields and add the users you want to be able to use it.... warning here is if you dont need to add a CA password dont - it is annoying as the CA process will not start unless you put in the password. then to add more people later > Modify Certifier Do not use groups.... bad admin.
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