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I run PRTDSKINF and under Library Information, i found PVB062409B (save library) owner is defined as *SECADM.

I tried to search the library using WRKLIB PVB062409B but no library exist.

My question is how come the library exist on PRTDSKINF? where can i find it? is this hidden library?

Thanks for the help :)

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There are two possibilites that I can thinbk of.
1. PRTDSKINF runs off a database that is built with the RTVDSKINF command. At the time the RTVDSKINF command was run, the library did exist. Since then it has been deleted. It will still show up on PRTDSKINF until the database is refreshed with another RTVDISKINF command.

2. The RTVDSKINF command is run with *SECADM authority. This will allow for gathering all the data on the system. Then the PRTDSKINF command just prints wahtever information that was put in the database. There is not authority checking for individual object. Your USRPRF is not authorized to library PVB062409B, so it looks to you like it does not exist.

So, first signon with QSECOFR authority and see if you can find the library. If not submit the RTVDSKINF command and view a new report when the build has completed.

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  • c007
    Hi Charlie, Thanks for the help. I login as QSECOFR then run RTVDSKINF but the message was "Command RTVDSKINF not allowed in this setting. " so i try to run the PRTDSKINF RPTTYPE(*LIB). Still the library PVB062409B exist. report: Library Information % of Size in Last Last Library Owner Disk 1000 bytes Change Use QSPL QSPL 51.00 340780912.6 06/24/09 QGPL QSYS 3.80 25389416.4 06/25/09 06/25/09 REPEQNPVB QSECOFR 3.64 24339738.6 06/25/09 06/24/09 KFILPVB PVBOWNER 3.44 23011864.6 06/25/09 06/25/09 PVB062409B PVBOWNER 3.25 21683675.1 06/25/09 06/25/09 PVB062409A PVBOWNER 3.23 21581570.0 06/24/09 06/24/09 using QSECOFR and PVBOWNER User ID, i command WRKLIB PVB062409B but the library does not exist. How come this Library exist during report generation of PRTDSKINF?
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  • pdraebel
    Seems like the data on the report is rather old. To check: GO DISKTASKS, option 2 : on top of the menu you will see when disk info was last collected. The RTVDSKINF can only run in Batch as far as I know. Option 1 on the DISKTASKS menu lets you schedule a new collection (or regular refresh of data). I scheduled the RTVDSKINF every sunday evening.
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  • OldSysAdmin
    If you've not rerun the RTVDSKINF, the PRTDSKINF will continue to show you the results from the last time the RTVDSKINF was run which may be a long time ago. PRTDSKINF shows on the header (first) page the date the information was collected.
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  • Rajgoaj
    Yes, please confirm whether RTVDSKINF is completed succesfully, so that you have the udpated list of libraries and you shall find / should not find the library in the list there after.
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