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I have two serious problem with my MD's system and need help urgently! Firstly, a secretary configured a user account for herself without informing my first and logged out the administrative account that was setup for their use. After that time, although you can still see the Administrator's folder under "Documents and Settings", the folder remains inaccessible, and the administrative user doesn't appear at loggon screen. Secondly, I got this message after installing Norton Antivirus 2004 on my own system: "Windows sytem error: A duplicate name exists on the system". It keeps appearing from loggon to shutdown. What do I do? Someone please help me out!

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to recover the administrator password or reset it you can download advances windows password recovery and import the sam file and try a dictionary and hybrid attack or password passware makes a utility that can reset the account word blank for you but the sid gets lost and you lose the data under my documents….have you tried booting into safe mode as he administrator and just resetting the password and taking ownership of the files …. there are several ways but they all involve a few minutes of your time and reading the directions that come with the software to do it correctly

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  • Packet
    Linux to the rescue! Try this tried and true administrator password reset CD which boots into a Linux kernel and allows you to change the password or edit the registry. I've used it many times successfully but use at your own risk. http://home.eunet.no/~pnordahl/ntpasswd/bootdisk.html --P>G>>
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  • Paul144hart
    I would ask the secretary if she re-named the Adminstrator account. If so, you'll need to re-name it back. If the problem is login automatically, then hit logout instead of shutting down and then type in Administrator. For the duplicate name error, if its at home the chances of another computer with the same bios name are low. I'd un-install Norton or at least call them for help.
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  • Studley
    I assume this is a workstation running NT/2000/XP and the local administrator password is unknown. There is a shareware software called Passware that has helped me alot. The first step is to create a diskette with the new admin password on it. Then you need the 4 boot disks to install NT/2000/XP on the system. When the menu ask for any scsi drives that is the time to put the password diskette in. Just follow the instructions. The password will be encrypted an put in the Sam file. When the last floppy is run it will reboot the system and just logon with the new password. Remember this is for the local administrator. Studley
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  • Jcan123
    I agree with packet. The easiest way to reset admin password is to use Nordahls Boot CD. It works on XP, win2000 etc.
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  • Garyfpb
    Hi, there. I'm guessing this is WindowsXP installed in a workgroup. Sometimes you don't see all the local accounts on the initial login page, but you can access undisplayed accounts using CTRL-ALT-DELETE (twice in most cases I've experienced). This will then allow you to put a username in as well as the password. As for the second message, this suggests to me that you have two machines on your network with the same name. There are a number of ways to troubleshoot this, but without some more details of the underlying infrastructure, it's difficult to make suggestions. A couple of possibilities would be NetView or NetExplorer, both of which have free downloads. You should be able to find the other box with a duplicate name. Alternatively, you could just change the name of the machine displaying the message. You could save some time that way. Gary
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