Losing Connection to Server – Why?

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Network connectivity
Windows Server 2008
Hi there, I'm just looking for some suggestions of possible causes for losing connection to our server periodically. We just brought our whole IT infrastructure in house about 6 months ago. From day one we've been losing connection to the server (ie. our offline files folder kicks in, lose connection to Exchange, can't access network folders) around the same time every day. Between 11am and 12pm. We have replaced the switches, assuming first they were the issue, and we were okay for about a week, but then started to experience the same problem. Next we analyzed what is happening between 11am and 12pm on the network, the only things are a few scheduled tasks for back ups. We've stopped the scheduled tasks for now, but still are being disconnected. I'd appreciate any thoughts as to possible culprits. Thanks!

Software/Hardware used:
HyperV, Server 2008, XP, Cisco, 3com

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I would suggest putting Wireshark on a machine having this disconnect problem and start capturing traffic before the problem window and just after the problem window. Take a look at the traffic specifically things like DHCP renewals; server connection RSTs or FINs. Look at other broadcast traffic on the network and see if any unexpected patterns or saturation.

You also have the tag Hyper-V on your question, could any of the devices be going into power-save or hibernate mode?

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  • Losing Connection to Server - Why?
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  • Cristal3na
    I will give this a try as well as investigate the power-save/hibernation mode possibility , thanks very much!
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  • jinteik
    it will be great if your servers are put with static IP if you have a dhcp server.. do check out how often is your server renewing all IP's too.. another way is if you have monitoring tools, install snmp on the servers and switches and let the monitoring too do the checking of availability..
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  • OwenAmbrose
    We use Trend Business Security on all the networks we manage and one which is running Windows Server 2008 was having similar problems, losing connectivity at certain times. It turned out it was the Trend TDI Driver that was causing the problem, we instaleld a HotFix which seemed to fix it. Your problem might be something similiar maybe you should have a look at what software you run that could interfer with the network.
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  • MaineIT
    Check the oddball things too, you'd be surprised how often they turn up. Is a cleaning service there during that window and unplugging something? Is a space heater / AC device coming on and overloading a circuit? Bad UPS device or battery? Is there a daily update & restart set up in the domain / file server(s) / antivirus somewhere?
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  • joeywatson
    I've had similar problems and the problem is usually my router or internet speed. As Overwatch requires a constant connection for your game to be in sync with the server, even dropping a few seconds of packets can make your client/the server believe you've lost connection and boot you out. Check your internet speeds on Googling "speed test." If you get a poor result, consider upgrading your internet speeds. If you get a significantly faster and more consistent connection when plugged in to your router via ethernet, then consider upgrading your router first.
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  • Genderhayes
    Try upgrading your internet speed plugged into your router via ethernet or Googling "speed test"
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