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I am currently working as a Help Desk/Network technician and would like to get my foot in the door working with security. There is basically no where to move up in my current position. I am working towards my Bachelors degree in CIS and have the Network+ certification. I have not had any luck finding a new position working with servers/infrastructure or security. How can I get started without much experience? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I’m not a network person, but if there is no mobility where you currently work, you might try volunteer work for a non-profit organization or try some part-time work for a small company that needs sme help in that area. That would give you experience you can list on your resume. The nice thing is that you can keep your current job to pay the bills, while gaining the experience you need and a good reference for when you move on. I’m sure the network folks out there can add some other very pertinent commentary for you.

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  • Bobkberg
    Well, bearing in mind that "Good things come to those who wait" is counterproductive in this case, I'd ask "What have you done along the lines of security in your help desk role?" For example, when I first got started in security, nobody was doing anything, so I just took the initiative and started nudging in that direction. Sometimes I was successful, other times I failed, or met serious resistance ("Don't start telling people to change their passwords, you'll just get them ticked off" - former Director of Help Desk Operations) What I'm getting at is that if you like security (I certainly do), you can sometimes CREATE the position you want by doing things in that direction which are somewhat related to your current position. Here are some things to consider, and possibly to act upon: 1) First off, are there any security people at your current company? What do they do? Remember that the weakest link in the security chain is human beings and human behavior. As a help desk person, you are in the best position to affect those human beings and their behavior. If there are security people, get to know them. Find out what their concerns are with respect to help desk practices. Be prepared to hear them "vent". If the help desk as a group is not presently part of the security effort, then try to see if your management will allow you to meet with them as a representative of the group to enhance overall security. This may or may not be easy - depending on your management. But if there are security people, and they see signs that you are aiding their cause (it WILL BE SLOW), they will slowly start thinking of you as being one of them. 2) Assuming that there is NOT a security group where you are, what do you ALREADY know how to do? What have you worked at on your own? Can you present a project plan for some way to noticeably increase security that is do-able? 3) Please understand that I'm NOT picking on you (Heck, I don't even know you), but I've encountered what I'm about to describe more times than I care to count. People read articles, see TV shows, observe co-workers, etc. and think that security must be a wonderful thing to get into, and somehow want some "magic bullet" or secret knowledge that will let them get into that line of work. If so, I've never found it. I got into security by discovering that it was interesting to me, and started by doing those things that I could. In particular, whenever I noticed something that looked like a security problem, I brought it to someone's attention with a suggested fix. If I couldn't figure out a fix, then I brought it up as a clear security risk, and the suggestion that we needed to think about how to deal with it. That way, over the course of months and years, people recognized that security was something that I took seriously. Even so, I was focused on security for years, but it took several years before that was more than 50% of my job. I hope that helps. If you want to discuss it more 1-on-1, drop me a private note, and we'll talk. Bob
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  • Thepete
    I can only strongly recommend you get involved in some open source security groups. Take a look at ISECOM- http://www.isecom.org. Once you get more familiar with security, you can begin leveraging contacts you make in the security groups to find introductory positions, generally in security consulting or as an administrator with security responsibilities. And as you follow what you like and learn what you need, it just grows from there. -pete.
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  • SecurityJobs
    Well, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a security officer in New York State you can most definetely give Mr.Ramos from National Security a call at direct line 347-324-6098. The company also has a website WWW.NATIONALSECURITYTP.COM. Anyone looking for a security position, NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED and you can earn up to $18.00 an hour.
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