Looking for a virtual Machine program that will run Windows 3.11

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Virtual Machines
I have an ancient piece of software that will only run on DOS/Windows 3.X It is used to program the Allen-Bradley PLCs, and read the outputs of a machine used to pressure test pipe fittings (Machine is from the early 90's). I believe the problem with more current OS's is the fact the program needs direct control of two serial ports. I have tried it with Win98, but it is unstable and tends to lock up ther computer. I downloaded and installed Microsoft’s Virtual Machine from here, but cannot get DOS to install on it, I recognize that the disks might be marginal, though I was able to get them to install on an old 386 Box (This adventure has been a real trip back through time...) Other than creating a box that is a dedicated DOS/WIN 3.X machine, does anyone have any suggestions on how to get this set up to run in a Virtual Machine that will allow control over the serial port? (Remember when the first thing that came to mind when you saw DOS was "Disk Operating System"?)

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Another option is using VirtualBox from SUN, running on Windows & Linux; multiple guest-OSses !!!
You can download it from the SUN-site; look for xVM.

I use it besides my XEN-machines.

Regards, Martin. XENsource Support-Engineer & CCI.

<b>BTW. Serial-ports can be forwarded to the guest-OS !!!</b>

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  • Dini
    I know that Vurtual PC 2007 supports Windows 3.1 Here some links to help you on your way http://www.computing.net/answers/windows-31/windows-31-in-virtual-pc-2007/12170.html http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FqaLgC3u-f8
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  • Koohiisan
    I second Dini's comment. I've gotten it to work with Virtual PC, but I believe it was 2005, not 2007 for me. IIRC, they dropped MS-DOS from being an officially-supported platform in the 2007 release. You can still get 2005 from their download site. If you choose to go with VMware, check out this link:
  • Dini
    Here some links to help you on your way Help Video
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  • My PC Guy
    I myself have sucessfully run everything from DOS 6.22 to Server 2008 on MS Virtual PC. When you go into the settings for the virtual machine, click on COM 1 and/or COM 2. You will notice a setting that allows you to specify a physical serial port. I myself have never had the need to use a serial port on a VM but it may work for you. Hope this helps you in your quest for an answer. Tim Atha
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  • Flame
    I got a copy of the Virtual PC 2005 version and that seems to be working. I'm also going to check out the VMware version for future projects (thanks MrDenny). Thanks to all for the help, and extra thaks to My PC Guy for the nudge in the right direction for the serial ports. An old dinosaur of a machine gets to live a bit longer...
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