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Hello Frnds, I am very new in this site. I have one problem while I am cpoying/moving the data from the server to the local machine or in the Local machine it self. The problem is that while copying/moving data sometimes is doesn't work due to long path name. Means that if path length is greater then 255 characters then it gives an error. So I've to map my computer upto some level and then it allows me to copy/move the data. So frnds I think you people understand my exact problem that If a path length is greater then 255 characters then what exctly I've to do to copy/move the data. If there is any software or VB Code is available then please let me know. And It is more necessary for me to find a solution of this problem in my job. So please help me in this problem. If you people have any confusion then please inform me. Hope for great support. Thanks, Prashant

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I don’t thinking mapping deeper in the directory structure is going to help you because the path length is based on the depth from the drive letter (on the server, not the client mapped drive). I doubt there is anything you can do with it in VB since it’s an OS problem.

The ways I know of getting around this problem are to use Xcopy /C (continue if error occurs) to copy across what will go and locally copy the other files to another media on the server. This will have to be manually moved to the other location and put in the new directory structure where it was before. Your other option is to copy it to CD/DVD using the UDF format and do the same thing.

Hope this helps.

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  • Cruzincooper
    Microsoft has a free tool call File Server Migration Wizard its a great tool for copying share drives, etc. It won't solve the problem of the long file paths, however, it will give you a report of long file paths. We perhaps will use this tool to consolidate our servers.
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  • Bvwatson
    Windows has the SUBST command which is used to map a virtual drive letter to a long path name. I don't know if this will work for you, but you can try it on the server. The syntax from the command prompt is: subst drive: path For example: subst V: "C:Documents and SettingsMyLogonIDStart MenuProgramsAdministrative Tools" After this command, drive V: will reference the Administrative Tools subdirectory. This may solve your long path name. I've used this in the distant past (Windows 3.1) but not recently. bryan
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  • Jzcutler
    Try using the UNC names of the paths (ServerNameShareName...). If that doesn't work, try putting ? in front of the server name in the UNC path. Try a Google on "long short path UNC" to find free utilities to convert long path names to short path names. If you're in VB, look on MSDN for the function that will do this for you in your code. The same search terms might get you there...
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  • Prince123456789
    hello prashant ! you need not to worry about because i got a solution for ur problem. now u can easily move your data where ever you want
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  • Tool
    This tool solved my problem, its easy. try to google this tool "Long Path Tool" or you can download it in longpathtool.com..
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  • TomLiotta
    Why buy a tool when it's easier to resolve the problem with what comes with the system and the resolution has the support of the system vendor? -- Tom
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  • Genderhayes
    User can locate the file from the drive in which it is stored .When inside the drive, the file or folder is highlighted, then the user can choose to carry out the action which they desire on the files by opening the files in the long path tool application.

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  • Laimflint
    se "Long Path This very useful if you are having problems 
    in deleting, unlocking, copying and even renaming files, also very easy. 
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