Login script runs, but drives to not map.

Here is the scenario. Windows 2000 servers, XP Pro SP1, clients and visual basic login scripts. My problem. I have two users that log in and only map to one or two drive mappings such as user directory and common directory. Their group membership is correct and they have permissions to the drives that are not mapping. I can log on as them on another box and the drives map just fine. I am thinking corrupted profiles. I know that you can copy a profile and delete an old profile, but his can also cause a lot of problems and some things don't copy over. Has anyone experienced this problem, and if so did you successfully resolve the problem? Thanks in advance. Rhonda

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Question is, what is different about the user’s PC? Sometimes the computer’s account in the domain gets messed up. Maybe if you removed the computer from the domain and then rejoined it the problem would clear up. If you can log in as the user on another machine and the scripts work then it’s not a password/permissions problem as far as the user’s account is concerned. You could also try deleting their user profile on their PC and then have them log back in to create a new profile — but then they’d have to redo their wall paper and all that cute stuff. . . If you have to do that we have a few tricks we use to save some of that info without using the settings transfer wizard.

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  • BruceU
    We're running the same kind of environment in AD, and found that, when the script failed to map but the customer could logon to another machine and get all drive mappings, that the customer had mapped the drive manually on the problem machine. Since our script doesn't enumerate and disconnect all drives before it tries to map, the mapping failed. Just my .02 worth...
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  • Rhonda55
    Thanks for your response. There really is no difference in the machines. They are all standard. I also thought of a corrupted profile, but from experience when I try to copy a profile and delete and old one, things seem to break. Am I correct in assuming that if I go to user account managment on the local machine and copy the profile, delete the old profile this should work. Have you been successful with out any glitches. This guys is our CEO and I want to be sure before I proceed. Thanks again. Rhonda
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  • PeterMac
    First thing to try (if you have not already done so) is to try and make the same mappings manually on the PC. Often gives surprising error information. As someone mentioned earlier, likely cause is prior mappings. Need not even relate to the drives you are currently trying to map, if any mapping has been made using a different user name Windows will remember this, and disallow any mapping with a different set of credentials. You need to check, and remove all mappings to the server from this PC, then reboot.
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