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I use batch files to map drives when a user logs into our Windows2003 domain. Each user has their own POP3 email account in Outlook (XP), so the PST files are on the individual workstations. I need to back them up daily to the network and do this by calling a separate batch file from with the login batch file. I want the command window that has the login and backup batch file running to open as a window on the desktop and keep the focus until it is done. At this time it runs minimized at the bottom of the desktop. Is there a switch or command I can configure or include in the batch file to do this? Thanks in advance.

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have you tried the pause command at the end. I useually have to refresh my memory when working with batch files but I think this might do the trick at the end of the bat.

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  • Dugald
    You might find the START command useful, with some of its switches. For example: START /maximized /wait PSTBACKUP.BAT That should run the batch file that backs up your PSTs in a maximized window, and halt further processing until it's done. To find out what parameters are available on the version of windows you're using, open a command window and type: START /? Some good reference for Batch files at: http://aumha.org/a/batches.php http://www.ericphelps.com/batch/
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  • Ldonkers
    If your users are on the network all the time and don't require using Outlook offsite you can always store the PST in thier home directory on the server. This way you don't have to run any scripts. As an example I would map a driver to thier users directory on the server and save the PST there. The only drawback is if the network is down they don't get thier mail. Rather than using batch files you can also try using wscript host which has is more flexable and has more options. Lennard
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  • Stevesz
    Lennard mentions placing the actual PST files on a network share. It does work, but if ther eis a problem and you need call Microsoft about it, you will find taht that is not a supported configuration. I use a program called PFBACKUP to make a copy (backup) of my PST files at home. They are backed up to the server. You can get this program formthe Microsoft site (http://tinyurl.com/oh4l) and it installs as an add-in to Outlook. You set what gets backed up and how often. The backup occurs when Outlook is closed. There is a winow on the desktop that shows what is being backed up and how much longer it will take (estimates). This may be preferable to backing up the PST up on startup. After all if a machine decides not to boot in the morning, a whole days worth of PST actiity has been lost if the PST file is not recoverable. Steve
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