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When users login through RDP to application serverwith there credentials, it takes approximately 4 minutes to load peronal settings. I have thought about flipping the primary and secondary DNS addreses. Is there any thing else that might help to resolve this problem?

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It is possible that the users are using a roaming profile, without more information it’s hard to tell.

Make sure you check the network for load, traffic, errors and so on…

If the network load is to high than it will cause everything, across the network, to be slow.

Also check the network traffic, at the server and number of users logged in.

You can also take a machine, if possible, and connect it directly to the server or network switch the server is connected to and see if that makes any difference. If it does then you have a network issue with either interference, traffic or load.

Check the memory usage of the server, is there enough memory for the number of users logged in and using applications?

Check the CPU usage of the server, Is the CPU being over utilized? If it is a Virtual Machine, how is the CPU of teh host machine?

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  • Jirvine
    On the Terminal Server, check to be sure that it's Primary DNS is configured for the AD server (Assuming it's on a domain). This should clear up the delay. If it doesn't, try creating an entirely new user and see if that works. It could be a corrupted Profile, this doesn't happen often but it's an annoying one to miss.
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  • Buddyfarr
    where are the profiles for these users located? if they are on a different server, especially across a WAN, and they are using roaming profiles then that is the problem. every time they login to the terminal server the server has to drag the profile across the network to the terminal server. this can slow things down significantly. check to see how large their profile directories are. this can bog down the network. check their temp directories to see if there are any files you can get rid of. you can also setup a rule in a GPO to limit the size of their temporary internet files. clearing these out can help a great deal.
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