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I want to load data from the Microsoft Excel sheet to my Oracle 8i database. Can I achieve this using TOAD? This question posed on 10 March 2005 You cannot use TOAD to move your data from MS Excel to Oracle. You can save the Excel spreadsheet as a comma-separated-values (CSV) or text file. Then use Oracle's SQL*Loader utility to load the data.

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You can use the INTO TABLE clause to specify a table-specific loading method (INSERTAPPENDREPLACE, or TRUNCATE) that applies only to that table. That method overrides the global table-loading method. The global table-loading method is INSERT, by default, unless a different method was specified before any INTO TABLE clauses.

So by default your table load will be in INSERT mode, which does require the table to be empty.

The documentation also explains how to load data into a non-empty table; in your case you want to preserve the existing data:

If data already exists in the table, then SQL*Loader appends the new rows to it. If data does not already exist, then the new rows are simply loaded. You must have SELECT privilege to use the APPEND option.

So your control file will need to say something like this (as shown in their example):

INFILE 'my_file.dat'
BADFILE 'my_file.bad'
DISCARDFILE 'my_file.dsc'
INTO TABLE my_table

You could also consider using the new CSV data as an external table and inserting to your real table from that, which might be a bit more flexible.

Hope this helps.

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  • Daksys
    Using the TOAD V 9.0.1, there is a option to import Excel,CSV and test files direclty into the database tables.
      Right Click on the table and you will find 'Import using Excel,CSV,Text" as an option. Click on the menu item
      Select the tabel you want to import the data into. You can leave he options provided as is or change it as you like..
      Click on the "Show Data" button
      It would display all the data present in the selected table
      Next click on the "Execute Now" button and the wizard open to import the file. From here it should be pretty easy to follwo the wizard
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