List out only lckw jobs from the active job list

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AS/400 jobs
Hello, Does anyone have any ideas on how I can list out only the active jobs that have a status of lckw. It would be great if I could get that list sent to a physical file. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks all.

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I stumbled on this later. It is pretty much the solution.

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  • ToddN2000
    For a down a dirty solution you could try this.
    Run the program and then query the file ACTJOBLCK

    CRTPF      FILE(QTEMP/ACTJOB) RCDLEN(132)                  
    MONMSG     MSGID(CPF0000)                                  
    CRTPF      FILE(QTEMP/ACTJOBLCK) RCDLEN(132)               
    MONMSG     MSGID(CPF0000)                                  
    WRKACTJOB  OUTPUT(*PRINT)                                  
    CPYF       FROMFILE(QTEMP/ACTJOB) +                        
                 INCCHAR(ACTJOB 106 *CT 'LCKW') FMTOPT(*NOCHK) 
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  • TheRealRaven
    Practically all jobs will have LCKW status at different times during their lives. It wouldn't make much sense just listing jobs that randomly had that status during the fractions of a second when the info was collected.

    Are you wanting jobs in that status? Or are you actually wanting jobs that have stayed in that status for, say, ten minutes or more? Those can return two very different lists.
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  • bp01442
    I've only been on AS/400 system for a year so not an expert so don't quote me on my thinking haha. The purpose/reason behind this was that Jobs do have a lckw status at different times throughout the day however these generally go away after a small window of time. When a user gets stuck on a screen though because of a lckw status the windows is generally a lot longer so I wanted a screen that allows Me and our IT department to check on jobs without having to know a lot about library navigation in as400. Which we now have that works great :p haha.
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  • bp01442
    Thanks for both responses guys. I was able to use this on several different areas to help us monitor all the important things our IT Dept need to know about. Basically run the whole place from 1 screen haha.
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  • pdraebel
    When you know a job that is waiting on a lock for a long time, WRKACTJOB, F20, Type the job name in the field for JOB.
    Display the Job, use option 12 and F6 to see what object the job is waiting. From there you can also see which jobs are holding the Lock. Go on from there.
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