List of users who are members of a group profile

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AS/400 User Groups
How do I create report that show a list of users who are members of an AS/400 group profile?

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I found this answer on another web site by a person named “Dan Riehl:” where he says the   

  The command DSPAUTUSR(Display Authorized Users) has a parameter SEQ, that allows you to specify that you want to list out user profiles, within group profile.  Here’s the command, and the resulting output.





                            Display Authorized Users                           



 Group       User        Last         No                                       

 Profile     Profile     Changed   Password  Text                              


             BillH       09/11/03            Bill Hines                      

             JEH1        09/12/03            J, Green           

             JEH2        09/16/03            K, Grission

             JEH3        09/16/03            George Only     

             JEH4        09/16/03            Kevin Carter       

             JEH6        09/16/03            Susan Prasley     


             A1624       09/02/03            Luke                       

             A1734       09/26/03            Sally Anne                   

             B1265       09/05/03            Jerry Lewis                    

             H3768       09/18/03            Ted Brown                     

             L5698       09/18/03            Keith Miller                 


 Press Enter to continue.                                                      


 F3=Exit   F11=Password Level Information   F12=Cancel   F17=Top   F18=Bottom





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  • BigKat
    hint: look at the DSPUSRPRF options
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  • TomLiotta
    Note that DSPAUTUSR *GRPPRF will sort by members within group profile. Without *GRPPRF, sorting is by user profile with any associated group profile in a column next to each member. The DSPAUTUSR command always lists every profile on the system, and it outputs only to screen or spooled output.   The DSPUSRPRF TYPE(*GRPMBR) can be run against specific individual group profiles to list only members of that group. When only specifying TYPE(*BASIC), output can be to an outfile. Queries can select and print specific groups, and may include reporting elements such as group ownership and group authority.   Both commands have their place. DSPUSRPRF is much more flexible.   Tom
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