Linux and Windows not recognizing directory structure

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I have a secondary hard drive that is giving me issues. I can not view the files on it any longer. How can I retrieve the files when Linux and Windows does not recognize the directory structure?

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Also – Please mention how the disk drive is connected to the system. Is it:
o USB enclosure for IDE/PATA/SATA
o SAS?


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  • Mariodlg
    We need to know if there are error message or why you say that Windows and Linux doesn't recognize the disk. Seems to be a failure in the partitions table. You must use software to repair bad sectors and other harddrive issues like HDD Regenerator. There are a bootable disk with many useful tools, but I don't know about the license. Here you can find it. Regards.
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  • jinteik
    can it be hard disk failure? when you start up the Pc and head to the BIOS, do you see your hard disk?
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  • Bobkberg
    Jinteik makes an excellent point. First things first. If the BIOS does not see the drive at all - PARTICULARLY if the windows system boots more slowly than usual, one of the following may be to blame: o Bad control board on the drive o Conflict with jumper settings if it is an older style drive o Power or data cable not properly connected, or faulty Mariodlg's reference to the HDD Regenerator is also excellent. The link he uses points to Hiren's Ultimate boot CD. The only difficulty that I've seen with HDD Regenerator is that if it cannot repair a given block, it just stops. However, it has saved many a system for me. One key thing that you have not verified (although you implied it) is what file system do you believe to be on that disk. Since you said that neither Windows nor Linux could see it, it seems likely that it's a FAT, FAT32, HPFS, or NTFS volume, but you didn't say. That might be helpful as well. Future things to watch out for are making sure you have a GOOD surge supressor and/or Uninterruptible Power Supply. I've seen "dirty" electricity cause more problems than I care to count. Bob
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