Linksys Wireless WRT54G Locking up

Has anyone else had a problem with the newest Linksys Wireless WRT54G locking up? We have four customers with these units and the firewalls must be restarted each day for continued operation. A buddy of mine says Linksys has cut in half the memory in these models from previous versions. We have tried upgrading the firmware to the latest version but this hasn't helped the problem. One unit is a "Speedbooster" model and behaves similarly. We had good success with Linksys before this latest model.

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Unfortunately I cannot give you any specific information about your particular situation, but just in case it helps in any way I wanted to mention that I use a Linksys WRK54G wireless/wired router at home; I have had a similar experience in that every 2-3 days my entire home network will lose inet connectivity, and it can only be resolved by power cycling the Linksys router. I have the latest firmware, and contacted Linksys to no avail. To their credit the tech rep seemed to want to help, but had nothing to offer in way of a resolution.
I hope this little bit of info at least helps you to get a resolution out of Linksys if it comes to that.

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  • Anserman
    I've had a similar problem with a Linksys and found it actually to be a conflict between the firewall that is provided within a commercial software product (in this case Norton Internet Security), and the built in firewall of the router. If you wish to troubleshoot this I would temporarily disable the firewall of the router and try it for a day or two. It is obviously not a permanent solution but it will help you to troubleshoot the problem. The other solution is to just replace the router itself with a different brand. I saw a Belkin Wireless 54G Router at a local office supply store for about $40. If it will take you more than an hour to troubleshoot it, replace it with a different brand. Your time as an IT person is worth more than that. Marcel -- Marcel R. Vachon Macintosh Desktop, Portable, Toshiba, & CompTIA A+ PC Certified Technician Us & Company Computers, LLC ?Computer Solutions for the Rest of Us.?
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  • Rodolfo1
    Thank you for your answers. I will try what you suggest.
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