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I have an Excel spreadsheet that has 350 rows with 31 columns of information and I need to print each row separately. I only need the information from 23 of the columns to be printed on each page. I created a new spreadsheet listing the 23 column names and then in the cell underneath it, I linked to the source cell by using the formula =sheet1!a2 and so forth for each cell that I want to copy over. The information linked over correctly for the first row. The problem I have is that if I delete the first row on the source sheet (row 2), the destination sheet shows errors in all the formula cells. I was hoping that when I delete row 2, row 3 then becomes the new row 2 and the new information would be copied to the destination cells. That did not happen. Is there a different formula to use to accomplish this without having to cut and paste each cell?

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If this spread sheet is not proprietary I would be glad to have you e-mail me a copy and I will take a look at it. I am not certain that I really understand the question (I am MOS certified and teach excel at community college).

Is this perhaps just a printing issue. You can set up a print routine to just print the columns you want, rather than copying them to a new sheet.

If you are using Office 2007, highlight the 23 rows you want to print and then choose “page Layout” Use the launcher arrow for page set up and complete all of the dialog boxes in each tab. The most important one will be what rows you want to print each time (last tab in page set up). Again, if you can e-mail me the spread sheet (replace real data with made-up data if necessary) I can set up the printing for you so you will just print the 23 colums with appropriate headings as you like. Also, if you want the colums to print on one page, be sure to complete the “Fit To” information ont he first tab of the print dialog box.

One of the greatest online Excel resources I have found is found on Chip Pearson’s website. He may just have the answer you are looking for.

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  • JennyMack
    Hi Teicneoir, I'm not sure about how to print one row per page, but I do know that you can actually limit the print area by simply highlighting the rows you don't want to print and choosing "Hide" in the right-click menu -- I've used this method before. Once you are done printing, you can just highlight all rows, right-click again, and choose "Unhide" to return your document to normal. Hope this helps, Jenny
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  • Teicneoir
    > labnuke99 I could send you a small version of the data file and how I need to have the information printed for you to look at. I am using Excel 2003. Would it be better to use Access instead of Excel? Where should I send it?
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  • Labnuke99
    Actually it was 65lhslion asking for a copy of the file. You can ask the moderator of ITKE if they can put you in touch with this member.
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  • Teicneoir
    > labnuke99 Sorry about that. I noticed I put the wrong name after I hit enter.
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