Linked Workbooks return #VALUE error until linked workbooks are opened

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I used to save linked workbooks onto a remote server. One could be opened and it would display the last values it had. Now, the linked formulas show #VALUE error until the linked sources are opened. I'd really like to be able to open just one workbook at a time. Is there some setting in Excel 2007 to change this behavior?

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I cannot duplicate your problem. Excel 2007 loads old values by default and prompts for link update if linked workbook not loaded (this behaviour can be changed to automatic link updateing (NOT RECOMMENDED) through the Trust Centre section of Office Button –> Excel Options.
The behaviour of Excel 2007 seems to be exactly what you require. Maybe I have missed somethoing in the details of your problem.

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  • Findsarfaraz
    Please let us know if the linked work book is store on the same system or the network drive. Does it happen with one excel workbook or all MS Excel work book. Try the steps below move the sheet from linked workbook to the same workbook from where it is referencing. Refresh links. Move the sheet back to link workbook and save both workbooks. I know this sound little tedious job Regards, Sarfaraz Ahmed
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  • Enick
    Maybe you have one worbook in Excel 2007 and the other one in Excel 2003. Try to have bouth excel file in 2007 version.
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  • GatesIsAntichrist

    Enick is wrong in almost every conceivable regard. Furthermore, do not move off of 2003 unless forced to. Tell your IT department and Microsoft as well. 2007 is the most damaging technological upgrade in the history of science (and 2010 didn't restore even 5% of the damage). That said,

    I duplicate this behavior both in 2003 and in P.O.S. 2007. In my case I use OFFSET.  OFFSET and SUMIF are examples of functions that do not purport to work on closed linked workbooks.  Look for functions in your failing link statements.  See if simply (e.g.) ='f:\elsewhere\[otherfile.xls]Sheet1'!A1 works.

    This has been discussed in Usenet (thank you for f-ing that up too, Microsoft :) ).  E.g. has the late Frank Kabel's explanation. See Dave Peterson's post in .

    Failing that see Dave Peterson's answer in

    At any rate, your concern was legitimate. I realize this is from long ago and you may not ever see this. Nonetheless with the time-warp of Google and solution searches, here's the info in case it helps some afflicted surfer.

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