Line of code in a RPG400 and RPG ILE Program.

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What is the size of RPG400 and RPG ILE program in the sence of Line of code? If my RPG400 program exceed the limited size then how can resolve this problem means i have to add more line of code to the program.

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I know JD Edwards has a program (P4211) that if a programmer mofifies will quickly run out of space. My work around is to call another program instead of a subroutine and just pass back the information required.


I don’t think you’re too likely to hit the limits on the size of RPG programs. What you might come across is the limit of line numbering in the SEU editor. It looks like you’re limited to 9999 lines of code, but you can change the increment between records to 0.01 give you a maximum of 999999 (you also need to change this when you save your source member).

You also have to start thinking where you’re headed when your programs get to this sort of size (maybe you should seriously think about splitting the program into smaller more mangeable modules or separate programs). When you have programs this sort of size they become very difficult to maintain.


Martin Gilbert.


Unfortunately, the above answer is not accurate. Even though I changed the numbering to increment by 0.10, I am still limited to 32,764 lined of code. Here is the error message I am encountering:
“Member CT110BA in file NNNLIB/QCBLSRC exceeds 32764 records.”

Unfortunately, I have to keep adding to the same module more lines of code and STRSEU limits that.

My system ius supporting 30 different clients and therefore, have 30 different versions of the same module (I am using COBOL ILE). In an effort to bring all code back to 1 version, I adapted the NESTING concept which requires stack these modules in one version and consider the other state specific code as thier own sub modules within one NESTING Module.

Is there anything that I can change on the defaults of SEU to allow the physical number of lines to be greater than 32,764?

Thank you and have a blessed day.

Nader Numair – Kansas City, MO.

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  • Alf
    I work for a software development company and we have a number of programs that have over 30,000 lines of code. The answer of changing the lines to .01 is what we do. However I can tell you from experience that if I had it to do all over again. We would be using calls to smaller programs as these programs are a really hard to maintain.
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  • MPaesen
    Hi there, Once I found out that RPG400 programs don't compile anymore when the number of lines passes 14000. In RTPG IV this limit doesn't exist anymore. Mathy
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, Strange that I never came across that limitation - worked with some pretty big programs back in the days. I did come across a few bugs in the RPG compiler - DO operations getting ignored if they're on specific line numbers, etc. If you put an extra comment line in before the DO then the compiler worked OK. Real strange - seemed to have something to do with segmentation or something. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • graybeard52
    The 32,764 lines is NOT a limitation of RPG code. It a limitation of the SEU editor. Use RSE and that limit goes away. However, RPG-III does have other limits you can hit - number of variables, size of program, etc. Convert to RPG-IV and these limits generally go away.
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