License error CWBLM001

AS/400 errors
Client Access
iseries v5r4
Microsoft Windows XP
Windows XP SP3
We are running AS/400 client access v5r4 SP SI29771 on Windows XP SP3. Approx every 4 to 5 weeks users will get an Internal License error CWBLM001. Only fix we have is to give admin rights, open the application, remove rights, and the application opens fine for another 4 to 5 weeks and then we repeat the process. Is there a permanent fix?

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Don’t know if this will fix it, but it’s worth a look.

Client Access has a setting to automatically check the service level. You can disable it (Start > programs > IBM iSeries Access for Windows > IBM iSeries Access for Windows properties > Service – Select Never for when to check)

If it is enabled it may “periodically” check – which could be 4 to 5 weeks – and it may need admin rights, depending on how Windows is set up.

If that fixes it, let us know (in 4 or 5 weeks!…


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  • Clickster
    First of all thanks Mike for the response. You were right the setting was set to “Periodic and 28 days” so we were pretty sure this was our culprit. But, here it is 28 days later and the Internal License Error message popped up again. I’m not sure what else to do to resolve this. My fellow workers and I are at a loss of where to go to fix this. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. We really had our fingers crossed on this Mike, sorry….
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  • LindaLu
    Do you have to have adminstrators rights to read the "Service" tab settings? It seems that you have to have the adminstartor rights to change the values. Once they are changed and the adminstrator logs off and the PC user logs on, the setting of "Never" doesn't seem to make a difference, since the error occurs in 28 days(like the setting of never is not recognized by the PC user). If so, how do you give the PC user admin rights to just the service tab? Is this making sense?
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  • slack400
    You can try modify the client access setting to house your configuration and session date under DOCUMENTS and settings/user name Back in the V5R2 days we were doing this with our users. That was the only place where we successfully kept users from having local admin rights to their pc's. we never had the error you're having but by keeping the info out of the program folders we didn't have authorization errors. link
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