Lenovo laptop keeps shutting down

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I have a Lenovo laptop and I noticed that it had a GPU problem. It keeps overheating. It's not cooling down at all and the laptop keeps shutting down by itself. So, I went ahead and cleaned the entire laptop (inside of it and the fan too). But this shut down issue keeps happening. What should I do here?

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Depending on the age of your computer and if the GPU is integrated or on a dedicated video adapter, it may be best to have a pro take a look at it. It’s possible the heatsink or fan is not working at the optimal rate. Make sure when using a laptop that the air vents are not blocked in any way to allow proper air flow. I have seen people drop then on a bed and start to do work. Not a good idea, the bed is a soft surface and conforms to the laptop blocking air flow. Are you sure it’s a GPU and not a CPU or other issue ?

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  • Subhendu Sen
    As you have tried your best, it is better to carry the laptop to an authorized Lenovo center to get help. If it is under warranty (hope it is not) you can get the service as per their norms.
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  • bhannah
    There is also another possibility here too. It has been thoroughly including all the fans and heat sinks. I would look at the power supplies both the AC Adapter and cable and also the power supply and the bus internally to the laptop. If it is shutting down for no good reason and you done the others, that is possibly indicative of thermal short that will only show up when the system is warm. If it is a thermal short on the system board. The system board will have to be replaced.
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  • 8586virat
    I guess, its a motherboard issue.
    There is a gel, which protects your MB from over heating. But if your lappy, face heating issues for a long time. Then there are great chances that this saving gel would have dried down.

    If that's the case, then even a little bit of heating would stop your MB to work.
    Go to a service centre, try to fix that out.
    If that's the case
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  • TheRealRaven
    A thermal short is definitely possible. As components warm, thermal expansion can cause a board to warp slightly. At some point, the bend can cause an unintended contact between a component on the board and a metal part of the surrounding case or some other contact.

    The very small spaces inside of laptops forces much smaller tolerances for changes in shapes. Manufacturing tolerances are also very small; so any combination of two components that are even slightly positioned off-spec may cross a threshold.

    Service through the vendor may be the only good solution.
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