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Hello all! I have been in the IT Industry for several years now and wanted to know the best locations online to get started working with Linux? I have limited UNIX knowledge such as creating / modifying user accounts and working with the print queue, but I would like to gain a strong foundation in Linux. Please provide any of the best resources you can direct me to. Much obliged!

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There are so many flavours of Linux system. Some of them r, Red Hat, SuSE, Debian, Fedora, CentOS etc.etc….. There are also Server and Desktop versions. The variant of Linux has various GUI looks though there core architecture/ basic commandline is same, i.e., Linux Kernel. Such RedHat has one kind of GUI looks while SuSE has another kind of GUI tools / looks. You know UNIX and it gives you extra mileage to learn Linux. Linux is a UNIX like OS. In respect of overall Linux system you can visit here.

I found two more links that will help you to understand linux:

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  • valmsmith
    www.novell.com/training has excellent choices for varying levels of education in the SuSE Linux world.
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  • Brijesh
    Linux is one of the stable operating system and as you know till Ubuntu it was a command line but Ubuntu is the first GUI based.

    The following are the most commonly used commands,

        pwd [ Present Working Directory – To know the current directory ]

        df [ To list the directory directory ]

        df -h [ To list the directory directory in human readable format ]

        users [ To list users ]

        ls [ To list the ]

        ls -ll [ To list the details of a file ]

        mkdir - - - -[ Create directory ]

        echo “----”>filename.txt [ To create a file]

        rm ----[ To remove file]

        rm -r ----[ To remove file irrespective of the file type ]

        cat ----[ To view the file contents ]

        vi ----[ To edit the contents of s file]

        wget ----[ To download the file]

        unzip ----[ To unzip the file]

        ./----[ To run the exe ]

        sh ----[ To run the exe ]

        cp ---- /home/test/.[ To copy a file from one directory to another ]

        chmod 755 ---- [ To give admin access to exe ]

        ps -e| grep ---- [ To check weather the application is running or not ]

        netstat -lntu [ To check all the ports ]

        netstat -an | grep '6060' [ To check specific port status ]
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  • Subhendu Sen
    On line learning is obviously a good help, but as well as you have to gather some good books/ magazines and install Linux (choice of flavor depends on you) and make only practice and practice. If possible call a linux expert who can show the actual real time scenario.
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