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I have a 2950 switch and its set only as an Access layer switch. uplinks arent even trunked. im using the native VLAN for mgmt and a different vlan for the users. the switch is being able to work as layer 2,switching packets. but im not able to ping the IP for the mgmt VLAN. there is a default GW, IP and subnets are correct. im using Version 12.1(19)EA1a.

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Ok, i found the issue. to start off let me explain this. there was a power outage in that part of that building, and the whole 9 switches were configured with out “wr mem” so guess what ….. yeah they lost there configuration. they were all configured as user switches, meaning all ports were on portfast and bpdu guard was up. and since those switches were connected to another bunch of switches i wanted to kinda match the other switches configuration (the ones that are working and had saved there config’s). which is kinda weird because there uplinks werent trunked instead one was on a native vlan and the other uplink was on the users vlan. Long story short, i found a switch that knows the way to the GW and i took one of his ports off portfast and guard and placed it in access mode for the native vlan and connected it to my switch with crossover. now im good. im pinging and swithcing.
Thank you guys for your quick responcses. 🙂

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  • Jerry Lees
    Are there any ports that are added to the mgmt vlan and is your system directly or indirectly using that port and configured to be on the VLAN as well (if you are using VLAN tagging)
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  • Tafiela
    yes there is ports in it. and its directly connected.
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  • Labnuke99
    Does your NIC know a route to the management VLAN? Does the management VLAN know a route to the subnet where your NIC is? Can you ping from the switch to your nic? Can you ping any other devices on the same subnet?
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  • Jerry Lees
    labnuke99 beat me to the punch on the routes questions. Since you're on a L2 network I assume there is a router somewhere (actually on both networks or two routers-- one on each network) that will need to know how to send traffic from the two IP networks. Try setting your IP address to one on the mgmt vlan without chaning where you are plugged in-- does this allow you to access the mgmt IP?
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