LAN vulnerability behind a Router – with firewall – connected to the Internet (Through an Open Port!)

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Hi, I would just like some reassurance: I have a Router on my LAN that connects all host PCs to each other and the Internet. Question: a) How exposed is my LAN behind the Router that has a port open for Internet access (and in future anther for remote desktop terminal connection) would a port scanner see my router and its open port? b) Or is it only hosts I connect to that become aware of my IP Address and open port?

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OK, you have a high speed line coming into your office (home?)that connects to a router. That router then connects to all of your PC’s either straight from the router, or through a seperate hub/switch. Is that correct?

If it is, it depends on the router. At the very least, youare soing some Network Address Translation (NAT). In and of itself, this gives you some protection, but it is far from being fool proof.

Many of the small routers today come with some sort of firewall protection built in, but most require that you do something to make it effective.

Rather than speculate beyond this, check the documentation that came with the router and find out what it is capable of doing. Then make the changes that would be effective for your environment. You’ll usually find teh documentation on a CD that came with the router. If not, go to the vendor’s site and download athe manual for the model you have.


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  • Mistoffeles
    There are sites you can go to which will, upon your request, test your computer's vulnerability to (in this case simulated) attacks. Here is one of many examples: If you find yourself vulnerable, you can install personal firewall software from many different companies. My preference is Zone Alarm (, but there are many great products out there.
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  • ToneEzeeJ
    thanks for the help and if I still have any nigles i'll add my route capabilities to the next message but for now I'm statisfied. Thanks again to all the offered their advice. Anthony
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