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I have a Netgear router installed on my home desktop PC.  It has been connected to my laptop and working just fine for at least a year.   After problems with my laptop, I re-installed XP and  I can't get the router to reconnect.  It keeps telling me the LAN has been unplugged.  When connecting the two with a regular cord, the LAN reconnects and I can use the internet.  As soon as the wire connection is disconnected, the LAN shows unplugged.  I have done everything I know to do on the PC and the laptop to get them reconnected.  Help!

Software/Hardware used:
Windows XP Netgear WC11

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Check to see if there is a DHCP entry for your machine on the router. If so delete it and try again

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  • r3boot
    assuming that your using a modem/router netgear model?so the router is hooked up in your desktop right?that where the main internet connection is hooked up when pluggin the utp cable your able to connect with the wired connection as soon you take out the wired connection your not able to connect right?the thing is you need to make sure the wireless connection is setup on the laptop, try this approach step by step troubeshooting guide 1.pluggin your laptop to the netgear router 2. open up your regular browser and type this exactly on the address page then it should load up to the routers firmware 3. then it should ask you a username and password for the router try entering this on username: admin and for the password : password (default) unless you have change it already 4. then on the firmware make sure the wireless radio is "enable" (i think its under on the advance settings) 5. going back to the firmware, on the wireless settings you should fill up some settings to setup the actual wireless connection 6. Name (SSID): any name you want <-- that would be the name of the network 7. Region and Channel you can just leave that way 8. now for security options you can choose WEP or much stronger encyrption for the network the "WPA-PSK" when you choose this option it will ask you 9. for the pass phrase for the network, take note when you entered data in this field its case sensitive and after typing your desired network pass phrase just click the apply button 10. then it will tell you the router settings is being updated then make sure wireless card is "on" your laptop if its on its should able to pick up the signal from the router and detect your network ,if its able to detect it try to connect to the said network 11. and it will ask for your password for the network that would be the pass-phrase you just entered when the pass-phrased is verified then you are connected to the network already then try to unplugged the cable from the router then try to surf the internet then you should be connected to the internet. i hope i was able to answer your questions.. - r3boot.
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  • Chippy088
    I am wondering what you mean about having a router installed on your pc. I take it you mean your pc is connected to the router by an ethernet cable. I am further assuming that the laptop was working, via wireless, until you re-installed XP on the laptop. As it works when you connect the laptop by an ethernet cable, I do not think that the router is the problem. Does the wireless work? (has it been disabled by default when you re-installed XP.) Is the switch for the wireless on the laptop in the on position? Have you re-entered the SSID and password to reconnect via wireless. (They will be listed on a label on the router somewhere.) If you are just trying to share files between both pc and laptop, then it is possibly not the router, but share permissions on the laptop, which will have been lost when you re-installed XP. If you can you give a bit more information, we can help with other options.
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  • Sixball
    Keep it simple: If you're wired connection works great, but wireless dosnt, start there. Did you reinstall your drivers for the wireless card on the PC? Double-check the wireless settings on your netgear and ensure you have them on your pc...
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  • Subhendu Sen
    hmmmm...... I am waiting for CindyLThompson reply !
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  • Stevesz
    Did you get the latest, greatest NIC driver from the laptop manufacturer? Dis you install the chipset drivers, also available from the manufacturer? Look in Device Manager to see what other drivers you may need to complete your install. Download them and install them. Do the chipset first, then the NIC. Once you are connected, you'll be able to use the laptop to get to the manufacturer's web site and download and install what is needed. If you are going to share with your PC, then make sure both computers are in the same workgroup so that the machines can see each other.
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