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what is the best method to label network nodes and cables and patch panel and documentation???

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however you do it be consistent. Use a method that makes sense, be it by geography, switch port connection, patch panel port, userid, or combinations. Logical naming makes sense to whoever designs/maintains the system. When a user in my company calls in with a problem, I can find them quickly using our system because it makes sense to me.

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  • KFaganJr
    Spadasoe is right with the consistency aspect, it's so important. Here are some specific examples of how to get the most out of labeling. Make sure to provide information that is helpful and make notes of what info you could have used during a specific task. Just don't overload the info because it'll drown out the useful stuff. Server nodes - Important information is site, environment, purpose, node ID. Site you want to keep to 3 letters or less, if you can differentiate between sites with one letter all the better (B for Boston as an example). Environment would include things like Production or integration (P for production). Purpose - web, sql, ora (oracle), av (antivirus), dev (development), fil or ca (stands for file or central archive), and node ID - n01, n02. When you see BPWEBn01 you can quickly get a grasp of the servers basic information. Cables - I like to put the length of the cable and an ID number that can be used to located the other side as well as keep notes on a spreadsheet about the locations/patch panels and terminations.
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  • Sixball
    A lot of folks "name" their devices - makes them easier to remember - followed in the documentation by where its at like it were map coordinates ( Row 3, Cab 2, U3-8 for example). Labels on cables are fun, but placing a lable directly on the cable w/ info about where the other end is wired into is most helpful. Again, be concise, be consistent and write EVERYTHING down...
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