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I recieve the following error when i journal a file

Damage prevents object  from being journaled.   

Cause . . . . . :   A damaged object previously journaled to this journal       prevents journaling from being started for object in library   type *QDDS.  If the object is an integrated file system object then the path   is *N and the file ID is X'00000000000000000000000000000000'.                   If *N or hex zero appears for any fields, then this information does not    apply.                                                                      Recovery  . . . :   If journaling cannot be started because of a damaged        object, use the RCLSTG command to reclaim storage before trying to start      journaling the object again.


Is there a way to correct this apart from using RCLSTG command


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You can try to delete and recreate the object.
MY guess is you will not be able to do that.
We just had a lone thread on here with a similiar problem and RCLSTG was the only way out.

Mell0rman ***
I have seen this before on a few systems. The object in question trying to have journaling started was not damaged, but due to a <b>previous</b> damaged object journaling could not be started on the object.
When I last look at this problem, I think the journal recievers recycle the numbers and remembers the problem sequence number, or it hits a few bad ones. The way around this for me was to change the journal reciver (six time in about 15 mins for me) as the error returned. it then got past its problem and journaling was then OK and remained active.

It still pops up once a year as no down time availble for a RCLSTG but changing journal reciever still fixes it

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  • Whatis23
    You can try some of the recommendations in this link but ultimately a RLCSTG was requireed:
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  • TomLiotta
    You have clear evidence of object damage, but don't want to use RCLSTG even when it is explicitly given as the recovery? Interesting philosophy. Schedule RCLSTG and run it. What version/release are you running? Tom
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  • Yorkshireman
    The system is shrieking at you that it needs help to maintain your data's integrity. Check your backups - find out when the object became damaged. run rclstg. This isn't windows - it's doing its darndest to save your data. and after all that - see if you can trace the cause of the damage. Could be a disk issue you are being saved from - run diagnostics.
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