Jobs in System Increasing Rapidly

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AS/400 administration
I am using I-780 Server Power series .last fee days onwards we are observing my jobs in system numbers are increasing rapidly .please suggest how can we control them . What we need to check basically.

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Are you seeing these jobs in WRKACTJOB? You may have more users logged in, more Async jobs running, communication jobs (HTTP server ?). Can be a number of things. You may also have open pooling connections.  What subsystem are these jobs showing up in?

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  • venky484

    I am observing  this in WRKSYSSTS

    Jobs in system . . . . . :     371261.In WRKOUTQ

    QEZJOBLOG      QUSRSYS          162444                      RLS 

    No is much .What it menas ?? is there any  impact in my server .previews days i am CLROUTQ in every 6 Hrs .Now i need to exicuting the job inbetween  3 to 4 hrs

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  • azohawk

    As suggested before, you need to watching WRKACTJOB to determine what SBS they are in.  Since you are getting that many spoolfiles, where are they coming from (a big clue).  Is your disk space getting used up as quickly?

    Have someone started doing something new (a programmer testing something new?, A user trying new menu options) or have you made recent changes to the system?


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  • Splat

    Per the help text for the WRKSYSSTS:

    Jobs in System - Help

    The total number of user and system jobs that are currently in the system.  The total includes:

    o  All jobs on job queues waiting to be processed.
    o  All jobs currently active (being processed).
    o  All jobs that have completed running but still have output on output queues to be produced.

    From what you've shown it looks as though you've accumulated a large number of job logs & likely some miscellaneous items.

    I would suggest you make use of the cleanup tasks (GO CLEANUP) to start with.
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  • pdraebel
    You will have to determine why your Job Count is that high.
    Are all jobs producing JOBLOGS even though they complete normally ? Look at the Job descriptions of those jobs and see that the logging parameters can be changed to avoid Joblogs for normally completed jobs.
    Prestart jobs USAGE. For instance the QZDASOINIT prestart jobs can be set to a usge count of 1. So every ODBC request uses 1 job. Stting a usage count of 200 could bring down your job count 200 fold.
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